Automation-as-a-Service Market to Thrive on Robotic process automation (RPA)

Strides made by enterprise IoT have led to numerous new models in the space of automation. Automation-as-a-service (AaaS) is one such area where players in the IoT space are leveraging to fuel massive business potential. IoT has over the years have incredibly changed the way businesses take decisions and equipped with AL/ML technologies, they are developing their strategic models. Changing the models in real-time is a key proposition spurring the demand for AaaS.

Automation of end-to-end IT processes key trend adding value to AaaS

The growing integration of robotic process automation (RPA) in business processes is a key trend broadening the canvas for providers of AaaS. These services are seen with tall hopes by as an effective model for managing human resources, especially freeing these resourced for critical works. Further, the IT department of businesses small and big are seeing a flurry of activities with the growing buzz around AaaS market. This has made HRM and IT department to become more proactive rather than reactive to the changing business environments, both regionally and globally. IT department are increasingly using end-to-end IT processes.

Businesses in the retail, food and beverages, and BFSI sectors have been increasingly realizing the benefits of Automation-as-a-service. This is expected to impart a steady momentum to the expansion of opportunities in the Automation-as-a-service (AaaS) market. One of the key benefits that anchor demand in these end-use industries are the need for lowering the operational cost of various processes, supported by a robust IT infrastructure.

Rise in Spending On Cloud Services Infrastructure Spurring growth

Rise in spending on cloud services infrastructure is a key trend spurring new growth prospects in the AaaS market.  Providers of cloud services find vast consumer propositions in AaaS model. Rise in number of small businesses joining the fray for AaaS for garnering the competitive edge is another promising trend that will spur growth potential in the AaaS market.

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On the other hand, the high dependency of Automation-as-a-service (AaaS) on cloud services also reeks of several concerns. There are some genuine consumer fears relating to privacy of enterprise data that reside on cloud, especially with the public cloud. Demand for AaaS through private cloud may be burdened with high costs. Thus, it is still a long way to go for service providers in the AaaS market to achieve a sufficiently high economies of scale. This is a key factor restraining the players in the market to reach its full potential in the near future.

North America Witnessed High Rate of Adoption of AaaS

One the global front, developed world has been high on the adoption rate. The demand for AaaS has prospered on the back of remarkably high rate of penetration of cloud services for enterprise and commercial applications. North America has been a highly lucrative market mirroring these trends. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is showing signs of vast scale of demand for AaaS, given the sheer pace of rise of small and medium-scale enterprises in various key economies.

The demands for AaaS by big enterprises and organizations with financial might are driven by the business proposition for automating end-to-end IT processes. The rise in demand for cloud services in developing regions is a key factor that will spur the growth potential in the AaaS market. Providers are coming out with exciting pricing models to attract small-sized businesses looking for robotic process automation across their operational processes. A growing number of emerging economies across the world are witnessing organizations that are taking organizational change management on a proactive base. Thus, these economies are expected to see an unhindered scale of adoption of AaaS.

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