Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

The future of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is bright in the information technology industry. Future software-based technology aims to reduce the need for manual labor to execute simple and complex tasks on the computer as automation takes over various industries and market niches.

Automation Anywhere is one such RPA tool that is one of the blooming platforms of RPA. To take your career up a notch further, get certified in automation anywhere. A certification can get you hired by leading tech firms.

Preparing well for the interview questions for automation is essential, and this guide will help you do the same. Here, we will cover some of the most popular questions asked in the interview so that you can crack the interview easily.

We suggest you research well about the topic so that you look and feel confident about the job role and the interviewer is impressed with you.

To help you further understand, we will divide the interview questions into two levels: beginners and advanced.

So take a look at the automation anywhere interview questions below.

Frequently asked Automation Interview Questions

This section will cover the basic questions first. These automation answers will help beginners be confident in their interviews.

1. What do you mean by Automation?

Automation is a set of methods to get tasks done with little or no human input. This technique is used to automate processes, systems, or devices.

2. Explain what is Automation Anywhere.

AA is a web-based management system for streamlining repetitive tasks without human intervention. It is a revolutionary technology that provides businesses with end-to-end solutions.

The automation anywhere tool combines traditional RPA with natural language processing and can read any unstructured text or data.

Automation Anywhere aims to offer businesses scalable, secure, and reliable services.

3. What does RPA mean?

Robotic Process Automation uses robots to make software for different applications without changing the IT structure or systems. Its only job is to replace manual tasks with automation.

So, in layperson’s terms, robotics means mimicking human actions; process refers to the steps it takes to accomplish this; and automation refers to software bots performing the procedure.

4. Name some benefits of Automation

  • Its configuration allows it to complete complicated tasks quickly.
  • It has found widespread adoption in administrative tasks. This allows the employees to concentrate on other tasks.
  • It operates in a wide variety of digital settings.
  • It is user-friendly and straightforward to integrate with other systems.

5. What are Software Bots?

Software bots are computer programs and a set of commands used to process a variety of routine operations.

6. What are the types of Bots used in Automation Anywhere tool? Explain each in brief.

The AA tool uses the following three bots: task bots, IQ bots, and meta bots.

  • Task bots: This bot works well in domains like HR, admin, documentation, and IT services to reduce error, save time, and ultimately save company costs.
  • IQ bots: IQ bots can understand the task independently and complete them under the instructions provided.
  • Meta Bots: Meta bots and task bots can integrate DLL (Dynamic Link Library) for back-end automation. It also uses GUI for front-end automation.

Intermediate & Advanced Automation Anywhere questions

If you are applying for a position that requires a bit more knowledge and experience, then these are the questions you need to be prepared with:

1. Can Automation Anywhere work when the computer is locked?

Yes, the AA tool works when the computer is locked. It can set up automated tasks at a scheduled time without unlocking the computer. It happens when the task is designed with an auto-login feature.

2. What do you mean by Bot Runner?

“Bot Runner” refers to a machine used to power automated software. Any Bot that you want to use must have a valid run license. In the event of a malfunction during the procedure, it is sent back to the command center for inspection.

3. What is the role of a Bot Creator?

It is used for the creation of bots. It allows a group of developers to collaborate on a project by using the system’s collaborative features, such as the ability to design, upload, and download separate bots that can then be combined for simultaneous execution.

4. What are the types of recorders present in Automation Anywhere?

There are three types of recorders: screen recorders, smart recorders, and web recorders.

5. What are the types of frameworks used in Automation Anywhere?

The four types of frameworks that are widely adopted in Automation Anywhere are as follows:

  • Data-driven
  • Hybrid automation
  • Modular
  • Keyword driven

6. Mention the types of licenses in Automation Anywhere.

There are two types of licenses: a dev license to create and edit a bot and a run license that allows a bot to run.

7. What is Trigger?

When a predetermined event happens on your computer, the trigger will cause a predefined job to launch automatically. For example, a trigger might be helpful when opening a new window or creating a specific file.

8. What are the system requirements for AA?

The following are the system requirements:

  • 4 GB RAM or more, Windows 7 or any latest Windows version, and a resolution of 1024 x 768.

9. How to create a time stamp for a file using Automation Anywhere?

You can use the following system variables to create a timestamp:

  • Date
  • Month
  • Day
  • Hour
  • Year
  • Minute
  • Second

10. Which of the system variable can be modified?

The date is a system variable that can be modified.

11. Name the various Automation Anywhere tools.

  • QTP
  • Robotium
  • SoapUI
  • Telerik Test Studio

11. Can you read PDFs through Automation Anywhere?

Yes, it is possible to read PDFs through Automation Anywhere. It can be done so by integrating the PDF integration command.

12. Do you think it is possible to achieve 100% automation with AA?

No, in my opinion, it is impossible to achieve 100% automation to deliver software successfully; you will need to run a manual test once before automating.

13. How many commands are there in Automation Anywhere?

In the Automation anywhere command library, there are approximately 575 commands in total.


To pursue a career in RPA, you must enroll in an Automation Anywhere certification program. It won’t be long before you confidently apply for jobs after completing formal training.

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