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Automated Trading and Artificial Intelligence: Interview with Viet Anh Pham, the CEO and founder of Win FX

Win FX makes investing easy and more profitable with the help of automated trading and artificial intelligence. Viet Anh Pham, the founder of Win FX will be discussing the WinFX project with us in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

I’m Viet Anh Pham, CEO at Win FX. In my opinion, investing should be as easy as possible, which is why I founded Win FX in 2018. I guess it’s fair to say that I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind. I’ve created and successfully managed several businesses in Asia and Europe. After graduating from my programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology my focus has been finding innovative and technological solutions to challenges that impact people’s financial lives

2) What is Win FX?

Win FX was founded on the belief that you work hard for your money, and so your money should work hard for you. Win FX is a financial technology and automated trading service company that offers AI-driven automated trading solutions for financial markets. We develop sophisticated trading models that are able to continuously learn and improve themselves by applying the latest advances in AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to absolute return strategies. This enables us to minimize market risk and maximize returns. We provide our clients with the tools that can make them money while they sleep.

3) Who are the brains behind Win FX?

I may have formulated the original vision, but it’s the collective efforts and expertise of our team and partners that made everything possible. We are a learning organisation that asks questions, challenges convention, ideas and dares to be wrong. Our strong innovation culture and the constant process of iteration is what lead to the success of the product and services we offer the market today.

4) What are the Unique Services you provide at Win FX?

We offer automated, low-cost investment technology for our clients’ trading or investment accounts and give people who might not otherwise be able to afford financial advice a steer at a lower cost to banks. Our technology enables everyone to invest and put their money to work. At the same time, our automated investing process provides our clients with the most important resource there is – time.

5) What is the technology behind this project and how does the Win FX  ecosystem work?

Technology drives our business. We combine the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics to provide investors with a fully digital, automated investing experience. Our AI software formulates real-time strategies to grow investors’ wealth automatically.

We use a similar technology to Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo, in that we use a combination of deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms.

These trading algorithms have different in-built strategy “wizards” that analyse market conditions and compare current trading patterns with data from the past 20 years. All that is combined in one software, which is constantly fed with data from the non-stop analysis, research and optimisation process. The algorithm is thus able to recognise patterns and trends more easily, enabling our AI to make ever more accurate trading decisions.

6) Tell us specifically about the trading and investing services, how does it work?

Clients first open a trading account with a regulated broker if they don’t already have one. Clients then give us permission to connect our AI trader to their trading account which activates the automated trading process. We only have permission for the algorithm to execute trade orders on a client’s behalf via a fund management software that is facilitated by their broker.

Win FX has no direct access to investors’ funds, so investors have full control of their trading account at all times, and the system can be stopped and resumed as they please. Simply put, we provide an automated investment tool that executes a trading strategy on our clients’ behalf.

Trading can be regarded as applying fully systematic artificial intelligence to develop absolute return strategies. By design, our AI trader aims to produce positive returns regardless of whether markets are going up, down, or sideways.

7) Could you elaborate the roles of Artificial Intelligence on the Win FX platform?

Our AI solutions for automated trading are designed for absolute return trading in the foreign exchange market, the largest and most liquid market in the world.

The software uses a proprietary technology and neural network that analyses the market and looks for patterns of pre-set mathematical models. The algorithm is able to understand and forecast market trends on a real-time basis. In only milliseconds, our system chooses the most appropriate strategy among 30,000+ solutions for every market condition while at the same time learning and developing new strategies.

In other words, our returns are powered by AI and based on big data and predictive analytics.

8) Why should we use Win FX, could you share some of your success stories with us?

We only make money when our clients make money. That means we don’t charge commissions or management fees and use a high watermark model to align our interests with the interests of our clients – we only win when they win.

Our technology has delivered market-beating competitive returns of 5-10% per month, depending on the risk-rewards settings. Even the recent turmoil on the financial market couldn’t stop this upward trend. By the end of 2018, hedge funds lost on average 6.7 percent, according to the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index. The FTSE 100 suffered its worst year in a decade, falling by 12.5% while the S&P 500 went down by 6.2%. Our top 3 systems, however, ‘gained’ 50%, 56% and 88%, respectively. It’s a sign that our strategy to combine the latest advances in artificial intelligence with our deep financial knowledge is paying off.

9) On what stage of development is the platform, where do we see the business by 2020?

We are ready to introduce our currency trading AI to the wider market and scale our product and services. Future developments include new algorithms for other asset classes such as commodities and equities. We are also developing a new app that will improve our clients’ user experience.

10) What are your compliance and security measures to secure investors and users interests?

Security is our priority. Our custodian brokers are authorised by ASIC, CYSEC, FCA, FSC and SCB to safeguard our clients’ money on their behalf. The broker depends on the investor’s country of residence. In case of the unlikely event of bankruptcy, ASIC would intervene during the liquidation of the broker’s assets to assist in the returning of client funds.

Our client funds are secure and segregated. The investment is deposited directly with the broker, under the investor’s name, and held in trust at the National Australia Bank or another major bank, depending on the chosen broker and country of residence. We have no access to withdrawals or deposits of our investors’ funds, only permission to execute trade orders via the AI software.

11) Do you have more information for our readers?

Few of us have all their financial ducks in a row. Investing doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming – we provide the tools to simplify and streamline the entire investment process, for example by automating tedious investment tasks.

Our industry has fallen into the mindset of “harvesting” clients to drive profitability. We think of it differently. We start with creating double-digit returns and achieving excellence for our clients and we strongly believe that when we do that the investors will come. Our revenue growth and profitability have proven that right.

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