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Automated Affiliate Program Management: Interview with Kyle Mitnick, Founder and President of Advertise Purple

Automated Affiliate Program Management

In a TechBullion interview response from Kyle Mitnick, founder and president of Advertise Purple, Kyle shares more insights into Purply, an automated affiliate program management software and learnings platform designed to expedite affiliate program growth and a spawn of the affiliate management agency Advertise Purple, Inc.

Please tell us about yourself and why you founded Advertise Purple.

My background is in startup companies. My first business was a SaaS video platform, and my second is Advertise Purple. Advertise Purple grew out of solving the main problem of my first startup: acquiring customers online. 

How has the current economic environment affected affiliate marketing? How have you adjusted? 

As a whole, affiliate marketing has benefited from the current economic climate due to its pay-for-performance nature and the increase in digital storefronts. We have adjusted by expanding our agency offer to a budget-friendly SaaS version:

You have launched a new app, Purply. What does it do and who are your target users? 

Purply is an affiliate management suggestion engine, in the form of a DIY SaaS, that recommends growth strategies for e-commerce businesses using over 10 million historical data points. The target market is large e-commerce brands looking for global context and small e-commerce brands interested in a budget-friendly solution to assist them in growing their own affiliate program.

Why did you launch Purply now? 

It has been in the works since late 2018 and became available recently.

What is the market size for an affiliate marketing app like Purply? 

The total addressable market could roughly equate to the entire e-commerce industry, which is $33 billion as of 2020 according to eMarketer.

What features make Purply unique? 

It’s the only AI-based affiliate marketing recommendation engine using insights from Advertise Purple, which is the leading affiliate management agency in the U.S based on customer count and revenue processed. No other application delivers pointed direction for brands to grow their account without the need for an agency.

Tell us more about your team and the brains behind the new app.

Advertise Purple is comprised of 96 employees, about 15% of which manage the technical aspects of Purply. The concepts were drafted by me in early 2018; however, they were matured over the years by some of the most talented AI specialists, statisticians and developers we could find.

What’s the hardest part about managing a growing company right now? How do you overcome these challenges?

Virtual management poses a unique challenge for us; however, we have done quite well assimilating. During COVID we have increased our employee count by almost one-third, so adaptation has been crucial. We’ve overcome these challenges through open communication, team collaboration and virtual happy hours! 

What are Advertise Purple’s plans for the future? 

To continue servicing our customers to the best of our ability. We’re taking things one quarter at a time, assessing the success of our moves, and adjusting based on market and consumer demand.

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