Automate Your Token Vesting with MeanFi’s Latest Feature

MeanFi, the digital custody-free DeFi bank, has recently launched its token vesting feature, allowing any party to build and launch its token vesting in a matter of minutes. The latest addition is one of many in a string of innovative services designed to leverage DeFi and employ these in practical use cases.

The newly launched feature is aimed toward different crypto organizations, such as DAOs, community treasuries, and other platforms to help pull out the unnecessary resources that are bound towards building and maintaining a vesting system.

Mean Vesting for All

In recent times, token vesting has become an important part of the crypto sphere as it helps against several types of market manipulation, offers long-term financial viability to the tokens, and at the same time roots out possible bad actors.

Yet, building a smart contract for vesting, especially where manpower and time constraints factor in, can be a tough job to do. Mean Vesting offers a flexible and stress-tested solution to projects and platforms looking to have a vesting schedule for their tokens, but lacking the expertise or time to do so.

Users can create their vesting schedule in a matter of minutes on MeanFi, thanks to the user-friendly interface. All they need to do is to commit their tokens and enter the release schedule (such as the number of tokens to be released at what periods) and which wallets will receive the tokens.

MeanFi’s dedicated vesting smart contracts will take care of the rest, from holding the tokens securely within the contract to automatic disbursement as per the defined schedule. The vesting smart contracts are audited to ensure there is no chance of an exploit. At the same time, the non-custodial nature of the contracts means that MeanFi does not have control over the vested tokens at any given point, enabling a completely transparent and trustless environment.

The Benefits of Token Vesting

Token vesting has evolved in recent years within the crypto sphere as a means to combat several issues that communities and projects have faced, especially in the case of a newly launched asset.

Whenever a token is launched, it is natural to see a surge in demand as people rush in to buy these at cheaper prices. This can boost the value of the token temporarily and lead to significant profit opportunities if immediately liquidated. This resultantly causes the price to crash, causing significant financial damage to the nascent project. At times, many seemingly eager investors only jump in the sales for this very purpose, causing a pump and dump.

Using vesting eases the token release, allowing for a controlled market release that smoothes out the price spikes. At the same time, the vesting periods also keep immediate profit-seekers at bay as only those who are committed to the project and the tokens will invest.

Practicality with MeanFi

MeanFi is on a mission to bring practical use of DeFi into the daily lives of people. The Solana-based platform has a wide variety of crypto financial applications.

Money Streaming allows people and projects to streamline recurring payments. Be it remittances done to family members or having a complete payroll for your entire team.

Dollar Cost Averaging for growing your savings with periodic purchases and keeping. The DCA is built to make it easy to accumulate assets and to average the cost down to stay profitable.

MeanFi also offers users the chance to maximize trading opportunities, thanks to its Hybrid Liquidity Aggregator. The aggregator searches for preferred token swaps across a sleuth of Solana DEXs and presents the best price, factoring in several points such as swap fee, slippage, and liquidity.


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