Automakers Adopting Modular EV Platforms to Reach Economy of Scale and Gain Competitive Edge, Market Valuation to Exceed US$ 97.3 Bn by 2030: TMR Study

EV Platform Market
  • Automotive players to harness modular EV platforms to tap into emerging revenue streams in e-mobility; Development of scalable platforms to help accelerate shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) to electric engines
  • OEMs in EV platforms market find battery component as lucrative avenue, Carmakers to integrate advanced battery technologies in dedicated platforms to increase efficiencies of EVs

EV Platform Market: Broad Contours

The focus on adopting technology frameworks for scaling electric vehicles (EVs) production has intensified among OEMs, battery manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and other automotive manufacturers. Automakers in particular consider a scalable EV platform a major proposition for increasing the availability of EVs to meet rising consumer demand. Players in the EV platforms market are leveraging the proposition to reduce the overall cost of production, and spur uptake of EVs.

The growing role of e-mobility in decrabonising of transport industry around the world has accelerated the drive for EV adoption, thus opening up vast possibilities in the EV platform market. The avenue is expanding continuously on the back of evolving electric mobility. Modular EV platforms have emerged key underpinning to reduce the cost of integration of advanced batteries and other electric drivetrain technologies. The global EV platform market is projected to move past US$ 97.3 Bn by 2030-end.

Many automakers are leaning on adopting purpose-built architecture to reduce the gap between electric vehicle engines and internal combustion-engines (ICEs). This has spurred R&D on developing battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with the help of scalable EV platforms. In near future, higher demand for BEVs will offer lucrative gains to all in the value chain.

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Key Findings of EV Platform Market Study

  • Focus on Design Flexibility Extends Horizon of EV Platforms Players: The proliferating demand for affordable EVs has spurred players in the EV platform market to focus on reducing the overall cost of production. Over the years, this has underpinned the need to bring vehicle diversity across battery EVs and hybrid EVs for buses, utility vehicles, and cars. This stridently has increased the popularity of modular EV platform approach among automakers to produce EVs at scale and meet the rapidly growing demand, notes the study on the EV platform market. The cost factor is important especially crucial to support governments’ plans to phase out diesel and gasoline vehicles that use carbon-intensive fuels. The relentless efforts of policy makers around the globe in reducing the GHG emissions reductions has made EV commercialization a key goal for sustainable development, which will impel development of EV platforms.
  • Dedicated EV Platforms to Gain Traction Among Automakers: In the next few years, innovations in EV platforms will benefit EV manufacturers, OEMs, technology partners, and automotive manufacturers to allow them to integrate variety of powertrain components. Some globally prominent automakers will seek dedicated EV platforms to achieve economy of scale in EVs manufacturing. This will particularly help the integration of advanced battery chemistries at scale, and in near future will offer lucrative gains to players in the EV platform market.

EV Platform Market: Drivers

  • Regulatory Mandates and Favorable Policies Boosts Outlook of Adoption of EV Platform Market: Implementation of low tailpipe emissions and zero-emissions vehicle mandates in various countries have shaped the contours of development of e-mobility. The trend is a key driver for development of EV platforms to meet burgeoning demands for electric vehicles in the transportation industry. Furthermore, fiscal incentives have played a key role in bridging the cost between EVs and their counterpart ICE vehicles.
  • Rise in Sales of EVs Drive Market: The growing pace of commercialization of electric vehicles over the past few years globally has propelled the demand for a range of models. Enormous research has been made on new powertrain technologies that address challenges in transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric mobility. This has expanded the prospect for new EV platforms.

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EV Platform Market: Regional Growth Dynamics

East Asia has emerged as a highly lucrative regional market. The opportunities in the East Asia EV platforms market have been rapidly expanding mainly on the back of massive revenue potential in China, South Korea, and Japan. The regional market is anticipated to hold substantial market share globally. The growth is fueled by the burgeoning sales of EVs in the transportation sector especially in China. The marked presence of domestic OEMs in China is another factor cementing the prospects of overall East Asia market.

EV Platform Market: Key Players

Several players are keen on entering into strategic collaborations with prominent automakers and automotive manufacturers to grow their stakes in the EV platform market. Some of the key players are Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Volkswagen, Toyota, Open Motors, Nissan Motor, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, and Hyundai.

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