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Autolyzed Yeasts Expected to Witness High Demand in Future Owing to Reduced Sodium Concentration Driving Product Demand in Food & Beverages Industry

Autolyzed yeasts are obtained from yeasts that are specially treated by decomposing yeast cells through an osmosis process. The resultant product is broken down into amino acids and peptides.

Rising demand for healthy food products among consumers worldwide is the key growth driver for the autolyzed yeast market.

Autolyzed yeasts has witnessed an increase in demand in the food and beverage industry owing to reduced sodium concentration in the product. The increased demand has helped in the growth of the overall market, too.

Rising consumer demand for organic food products that comprise a substantial amount of natural ingredients is anticipated to fuel the demand for autolyzed yeasts.

Autolyzed yeasts also have reduced salt concentration and this aspect of them has made them a key ingredient in the manufacturing of bakery products.

Rich Nutritional Content in Autolyzed Yeasts Leading to Increased Demand in Cosmetic Industry

Autolyzed yeasts have also been used in the cosmetic industry since they are a rich source of vitamin B, minerals, carbohydrates, and amino acids and help prevent sunburn as well as dryness from the skin.

Autolyzed yeasts have also been deployed as flavor enhancers in soups and meats. They have also witnessed an increase in demand in the fermentation process in brewery production units in a bid to improve the flavor of beers.

The wide application range for autolyzed yeasts has helped in the growth of the global autolyzed yeast market. Autolyzed yeast is cost-effective and comprises glutamic acid and monosodium glutamate.

Government initiatives and measures such as funding to leading market players and promoting the benefits of using autolyzed yeast for manufacturing different food products could help fuel product demand and help in market growth.

COVID-19 Pandemic Adversely Affects Autolyzed Yeast Demand, Dents Overall Market Growth

The autolyzed yeast market seemed to be heading towards a promising future, but the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted the growth in the global market.

With food manufacturing facilities either closing down temporarily or permanently, the demand for autolyzed yeasts witnessed a decline. This adversely impacted the overall market.

However, with the reduction in cases and vaccine availability, production units are expected to start operations close to full capacity again, leading to increased product demand and positively impacting growth in the autolyzed yeast market.

While autolyzed yeasts have been used in an extensive range of industries, they have their drawbacks, too, which could impact product demand in future.

Presence of Gluten, Monosodium Glutamate in Autolyzed Yeasts Could Impact Product Demand in Future

Autolyzed yeasts have been found to contain gluten and so for consumers who are on a gluten-free diet, products that contain autolyzed yeasts would not be suited for purchase and consumption, which could, in turn, affect the autolyzed yeast market.

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Autolyzed yeast also contained monosodium glutamate. Products with monosodium glutamate have been found to develop side effects in human beings, some of which include headache, chest pain, numbness, and sweating. This could negatively impact product demand and also have an effect on the autolyzed yeast market.

The global autolyzed yeast market is extremely competitive, with the presence of several well-established market players. Many of these players are expected to hold a large share in the overall market, in the upcoming years.

Growth strategies such as novel product launches could help leading players gain a competitive edge over the other market players.

Research and development undertakings to produce improved quality of products could be a key growth strategy for prominent players in the autolyzed yeast market.

Collaborations with lesser-known players could help well-established market players expand their market presence and increase their revenue shares.

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