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What is the way to get the very best cheap car insurance? Many people are searching for the very best cheap car insurance, but they don’t know how to find the very best cheap car insurance companies. They also don’t know where to find these super cheap car insurance companies and get the best policies. This article will show you how to find the very best super cheap car insurance.

First, I went to the three auto insurance giants by annual premium prices. First, rated them according to annual premium cost by current customers. The auto insurers that received a “grade” of  “A” were in descending order from “best” to” Worst”. Next, looked at the biggest insurers in the U.S. by revenue and ranked them according to their annual revenues and their annual premium cost.

After that I looked at all the carriers by how many years in business they had been in business. The “big” insurers had about forty-five insurers, including Progressive and Farmers. I listed them in descending order of the length of time in business, from the oldest carrier to the newest. From the perspective of the consumer, the “oldest” carrier would be ranked higher because it has been around longer and therefore, have more customer experience. From the viewpoint of the insurer, however, the new insurer with more experience would be better because it would have more knowledge on how to attract and retain good drivers.

I then broke down the list of drivers to identify whether they were good drivers or not. Out of this group, what types of discounts did they receive? There were a number of different categories, such as good driver discount, good student discount, no claim bonus, good driver discount for multi-policy (insuring two cars and multiple vehicles), good student discount for home insurances, etc. Again, there was a wide variety of discounts. I then went through and crossed-out the ones that did not apply to my situation.

The final step was to find the minimum amount of auto insurance required. This was done by getting on my computer and looking up minimum coverage. After that, I found the cheapest price for collision coverage, which was the state minimum amount. I printed it out and brought it with me when negotiating. I presented the minimum required by my state, asked my auto insurers for a discount based on that and received a discount.

I found that I had about a $700 difference in my car insurance premium. By doing all of this on my own I know that I can shop around for other companies online. If I were to do it the traditional way I would spend hours on the phone calling auto insurers. But, by automating the process I was able to get a good deal on my insurance coverage. I highly recommend that you take advantage of price shopping around and getting a cheap quote from an internet site before calling an auto insurer.

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