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Australia’s Major Exhibitions

Australia’s Major Exhibitions

Australia is home to over 25.5 million people and 2.5 million businesses. As the number of businesses grows, trade shows are becoming more vital across the country. Exhibitions are no doubt one of the best ways to introduce new technology, medicine, machinery, techniques, and brands. A list of the top Australian trade shows is provided below.

All-Energy Australia Conference Program

All-Energy Australia Conference Program is an annual convention held in Melbourne. The convention boasts 375 international and domestic suppliers. The conference is designed around green energy which is vital for Australia’s future.

The event hosts around 250 expert speakers. While the presentations are geared around renewable energy, they are a vital part of the conference. All-Energy Australia partners with Waste Expo Australia to provide sustainable solutions for governments and energy suppliers.


The International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management is better known as “ICSTEM.” The conference is held annually in Melbourne, Australia at the Holiday Inn Express Melbourne South Bank. The convention is set to take off on October 24, 2023.

ICSTEM-2023 hosts expert speakers from various fields, including mathematics, engineering, science, technology, renewable energy, robotics, and IoT. Keynote speakers are Professor in Computer Science Tarik A. Rashid and Dr. M.G.H. Zaidi. 

Aimed at facilitating the pursuant of innovative technologies, ICSTEM sets the stage for the leading scientists, academicians, and research scholars. 

Australian Finance & Banking Conference

The Australian Finance & Banking Conference could be one of the most important financial trade shows in Australia. The event generally has hundreds of exhibition stands and many speakers. The Australian Finance & Banking Conference is organized and managed by the Institute of Global Finance as well as the School of Banking and Finance. The event is typically held in December in Sydney.

It is billed as the most significant finance conference in Asia-Pacific. Attendees vie for countless awards each year.

BFSI IT Summit

The BFSI IT Summit is dedicated to the IT situation in the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors. It aims to help attendees develop a roadmap for a future driven by data. The BFSI IT Summit has been held for more than 20 years and strives to unite the leaders from the technology community. It is described as a learning and networking platform providing attendees with several benefits.

Each year, speakers and participants attempt to identify the biggest challenges in the BFSI sector and find ways to overcome those issues. It is normally held in March in Sydney.


TECHSPO is a unique conference that brings together brands, developers, marketers, and other leaders from the technology sector. The trade show focuses on up-and-coming technology as well as improvements to existing technologies. For instance, covered topics include mobile, MarTech, SaaS, and AdTech technologies. Exhibitors get the chance to showcase their companies and services to consumers in person. They can also impress investors and members of the media during TECHSPO.

The Sydney event usually spans two days and features hundreds of exhibits. Business leaders, branders, applications developers, designers, and others attend to hear from leaders in their respective fields.


The International Conference on Science Technology and Management could be one of Australia’s most important exhibitions. For starters, the show provides participants with the chance to have a paper published in the Conference Abstract Book. Other publication opportunities are available to attendees. The conference is designed to help promote developmental and research activities pertaining to science technology and management.

The event is set up by the International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management. ICSTM is held in Perth.

Alibaba E-Commerce Expo

The Alibaba E-Commerce Expo has been very successful since it was launched a few years ago. The event is held in one of Australia’s major cities, including Melbourne and Sydney. In 2019, it had more than 147 exhibitors and 20 million online impressions. Participants are invited to showcase their products, brands, and services to attendees. When touring the event, guests can stop at any exhibition booth to learn more about new e-commerce products and services.

The exhibition is a must for any business attempting to break into the e-commerce world.

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