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Australian bath brand, Bath Box, is changing the way Australians relax in their home

In our fast-moving world, life-changing innovations are being introduced daily. One such innovation in the bathroom, is coming quick and with positive customer feedback. This is from the multi-million dollar Australian company – Bath Box – founded by Aussie entrepreneurs Ashton Jude, Hannah Pereira, and Kim Pereira.

Together, they bring the experience of “true comfort” to the bathroom, allowing customers to take at-home relaxation to the next level.

Founded in 2017, Bath Box was born from Hannah’s desire to bring natural and handmade bath goods and skincare to all Australians. What started as a hobby, making products for herself, friends and family, quickly grew into a nation-wide frenzy. And with this, a small hobby turned into a million-dollar Australian company, now with dreams to sell worldwide in the next 12 months.

Bath Box prides itself on using natural ingredients, keeping their products handmade in Melbourne, Australia, and of course, strictly sells vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products. Their bath bombs and bubble bath collections are eloquent and luxurious, with many colors, fragrances and biodegradable glitters available. 

According to Ashton Jude, the best-selling products at Bath Box are those that enhance the relaxation and comfort experiences in the bathroom. Specifically, this is led by their bath pillow and bath caddy offerings. Ashton claims Bath Box was one of the first retailers bringing these innovations to the Australian market, and still maintains an edge to competitors in the market with a far superior product design and build.

At Bath Box, every product is created and then tested with customers at the forefront. They believe their fast growth and great success is due to putting their customers first. Ashton informed us that they ‘keep their customer feedback loop very short’, and ‘listen to every piece of feedback, positive or negative’. This allows them to perfect product offerings, optimize customer service, and eventually improves their bottom line.

In today’s world of stress and chaos, especially in recent times, life can be quite challenging. This is something that Bath Box continues to target with their product lines – providing a solution to a long, hard day. They make relaxing at home, conveniently in the comfort and privacy of your bath, a reality. And with more Australian homes containing a bath, this is a reality that it going to come quickly, even for those who may not currently have a bath in their home.

Selling Australia’s most popular bath pillow and bath caddy during the recent years was a huge success for Bath Box, with both products going viral on social media. They are so unique and at the time of launch, there was nothing like these products around.

One thing Bath Box continues to invest heavily in is their social media presence. As people are becoming more conscious in their shopping experience, searching for customer reviews, feedback, and even videos online before buying, Bath Box believes it’s important to build a strong, and ever-improving, social media presence. Bath Box post all of their products on social media and thus the option of assessing, evaluating and analyzing products for customers is easy and transparent.

It is amazing to see how far Bath Box has come in just a few years, but more importantly, how fast the business has grown. As they say, try to walk before you can run, but for them, there was no other option other than to run and even then, it was more of a sprint, because they were struggling to keep up with the amount of orders from the beginning. Led by strong entrepreneurs, Ashton Jude tells us he has many growth plans for Bath Box, eventually wanting to take the brand worldwide.


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