Aurus Launches Dragon’s Syrup Pool on QuickSwap — $200k in AWX Rewards

Aurus and QuickSwap are excited to announce the launch of the AurusDeFi (AWX) Dragon’s Syrup Pool! 

Aurus is joining the sweetest thing on QuickSwap — Dragon’s Syrup!

Earn your share of $200,000 of Rewards in AWX over the next 90 days.

By staking your QUICK tokens in the AWX Dragon’s Syrup Pool, users will be able to earn a share of almost $3,000+ per day (111% APR).

For AWX-USDC LP stakers who now hold dQUICK, you can either just simply hold to compound dQUICK from trading fees on the QuickSwap platform, or take your dQUICK and convert it back into QUICK to stake in the Syrup Pool for juicy AWX rewards!

This means double yield!

Dragon’s Syrup: a New Way to Generate Yield on QuickSwap

Dragon’s Syrup enables QUICK stakers to generate an extra yield from staking, by distributing tokens to those who stake their QUICK in the Dragons’ Syrup rewards pools.

Here’s How it Works:

2. Deposit LP tokens from step 1 using the ‘Farms → LP Mining’ tab to earn dQUICK.

3. Convert your dQUICK into QUICK in ‘Farms → LP Mining’ tab, Withdraw & Claim from the QUICK-dQUICK pool.

4. Dragon’s Syrup Pools – Stake your QUICK in the AWX Dragon’s Syrup Pools to earn a share of $200,000 in AWX tokens under ‘Farms → Dragon’s Syrup’ tab on QuickSwap. (111% APR)

PRO TIP: AWX earned in step 4, can then be added as LP again in the AWX-USDC pair, to repeat the process…and hence a positive yield-generating feedback loop for all stakers.

You can read more about QuickSwap’s Dragon’s Syrup Pools here!

We are thrilled about this special launch on QuickSwap’s Dragon’s Syrup, as it is expected to support and strengthen Aurus’ position in the DeFi space, as well as enhance exposure for the Aurus project in the Polygon ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more information and updates in the official Aurus Telegram and Twitter channels.

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