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AUKEY Launches 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Chargers at CES 2024

AUKEY, a global leader in charging technology, launched a range of Qi2 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Chargers at CES 2024. Tailored to Apple users, the trio of models is designed to address the diverse needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Each charger can simultaneously provide up to 15W fast charging to an iPhone and fast charging a pair of AirPods and an Apple Watch. To accommodate different usage scenarios, the range comprises three models: a basic model, a pro model, and a slim foldable model.

While the basic model alone is sufficient for most daily charging needs, the two additional models aim to meet advanced user expectations.

The active-cooling pro model features AUKEY’s proprietary Omnia-Frez technology, an advanced cooling system that can lower the charger’s surface temperature by 26 degrees Celsius without generating excess noise. This protection against overheating helps to boost charging efficiency and extend battery lifespan.

Meanwhile, the foldable model maximizes portability with its 18 mm folded profile, streamlining the charging experience for users who frequently travel or need a single charging solution for both home and work. This model features AUKEY’s patented shaft design, which prevents interference between simultaneously charging devices.

AUKEY has ensured full compatibility for the range through both hardware design and certifications. All three chargers are Qi2 certified and use a magnetic attachment that ensures strong and seamless alignment with the latest MagSafe-enabled iPhone models, and Made for Watch (MFW) certification guarantees secure and efficient charging for the Apple Watch.

In terms of visual appearance, the range adopts a minimalist aesthetic designed to suit both home and office environments. Painted metal, aluminum, and glass components are integrated in a unique geometric arrangement. For added practicality, a 30-degree adjustable viewing angle accommodates flexible device use during charging.

Although the chargers were created with the Apple ecosystem in mind, they can charge any Qi-compatible device.

“In developing this range, we really tuned in to current user needs,” said Lu Haichuan, CEO of AUKEY. “Today’s consumers are using multiple devices throughout the day, and the number of chargers can get out of hand without clever solutions. Our 3-in-1 range simplifies the charging experience, offering speed, style, and functionality with just one hub.”

AUKEY’s new 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Chargers will be available for purchase soon.

For more information about AUKEY’s charging solutions or to schedule a demo, please visit AUKEY’s website:, AUKEY’s Email: or

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