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Audien Atom Reviews – Special Hearing Aid worth it?

What is Audien Atom Hearing Aid?

At first glance, Audien Atom looks like headphones that are used wirelessly. Although these characteristics are true, this product should primarily be a hearing amplifier. The advantage of the Audien Atom headphones is that they are one size fits all. This means it is unnecessary to visit a hearing care professional to have the two small hearing aids individually checked before purchasing them. This product is sold in two versions called, Atom and Atom Pro. Both versions are:

  • wireless
  • battery-operated and
  • include accessories

Exactly how this product is supposed to work, and more details about the compact sound processor can be found in the Audien Atom product description below. (The following links in this article are affiliate links. This allows the author to get a small commission when buying the product. However, the price does not change).

Audien Atom Seal of Approval and Quality

The Audien Atom wireless hearing aid is a product from the USA. So far, there have been no independent tests of exactly this headphone with battery by Stiftung Warentest or other well-known test portals. However, additional tests of comparable hearing amplifiers that are almost invisible in the ear can be found on the Internet. Criticisms of these products include the battery life. While some products provide power for the entire day, others must be recharged after a few hours.

Another point that may meet with criticism is the guarantee of hygiene of products of this kind. The testers consider accessories such as small protective caps against the penetration of earwax to be urgently needed to guarantee the longest possible period of use. Since the manufacturer grants a 45-day return policy for the Audien Atom headphones, you should use this period to conduct your quality test. This is the best way to see what advantages and disadvantages you associate with this product after use. Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!

General Audien Atom Customer Reviews

One of the most striking features of the Audien Atom headphones is the storage box that comes with them. This secures the sound amplifiers and is intended as a charging unit for the rechargeable battery. Like the left and right headphones’ batteries, the box also contains a rechargeable battery. You can supply the box with energy via a charging cable, which can be passed on to the two headphones later. This should enable you to provide the hearing aids with new energy at any time, even when you are on the move. If you notice that the performance of the headphones is slowly decreasing, the storage box can be used as a charging unit to supply the battery with new energy, not only at home.

Audien Atom is a product that has been on the market for some time. The manufacturer speaks of more than 300,000 units sold in connection with this hearing amplifier. Some users of the headphones have taken the time to write a review. The result is a mix of both positive and negative reviews. The wireless charging of Audien Atom is described as advantageous in several studies. However, some users find the charging time 4 to 6 hours too long. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve a fixed period for charging so as not to suddenly have to do without the hearing aid.

Other comments, which are rather pessimistic about the Audien Atom headphones, criticize the one-size-fits-all design. The product would thus be aimed too firmly at buyers with an optimally shaped ear canal. For people with deformities in the ear canal, it would still be necessary to have a hearing aid individually fitted. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

General information about headphones

Modern headphones are increasingly being operated wirelessly. One of the advantages of these products is that there is no cable to get caught in clothing or stick to the furniture. A second feature of these products is noise-canceling technology. With the help of this technology, the ambient noise is reduced to a minimum, and the respective sounds, such as “noise”, are muffled:

  • Music
  • Audio books or
  • Telephone calls

acoustically better emphasized. A second use of these headphones has now been developed for people with impaired hearing. Instead of muffling the ambient sounds, these sounds are amplified. If there is residual hearing, raising the volume can help people perceive the surrounding sounds better. However, these products are only for people with hearing problems and not for deaf people entirely.

General headphone usage options

The Audien Atom sound processor is primarily aimed at a target group of people with hearing problems. However, this does not only include older people and senior citizens. Younger people can also suffer from declining hearing from birth or after infections or injuries. According to the manufacturer, Audien Atom is one-fifth more minor than comparable products. Using skin-colored materials in manufacturing is also intended to ensure that the hearing amplifiers are not visible at first glance.

The use of these aids is intended to cover all-day use as well as specific occasions. If the hearing ability cannot follow conversations in open-plan offices and crowds, temporary service may also be possible with this product. However, as a one-size-fits-all product, it is essential to test in advance whether the hearing amplifiers fit optimally in the ear canal or whether you have had rather negative experiences with the wearing comfort.

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q:Is Audien Atom wireless?
  • A:Yes, the Audien Atom hearing aid is used wirelessly. When using the Pro version, battery charging can also be implemented wirelessly.
  • Q:How are the headphones powered?
  • A:The storage case also functions as a charging box. The energy from the battery there can be passed on to the two sound amplifiers. Audien Atom can only be charged ultimately wirelessly in the Pro version.
  • Q:Are there different colors to choose from?
  • A: Audien Atom comes in a skin tone. This color is intended to make the hearing aids less visible in the ear canal.
  • Q:Is the Audien Atom charging box included?
  • A:Yes, in both versions of Audien Atom, the charging box, and the cables required for this are already an integral part of the scope of delivery.
  • Q:Are the required accessories included in the price?
  • A:The Audien Atom accessories include:
  • Protective caps against earwax
  • Cleaning brushes and
  • Charging box/storage box

included. Therefore, no further costs should be expected immediately after the purchase.

Where can I buy Audien Atom?

The Audien Atom headphones are offered by a company based in Arizona in the USA. The hearing aid is only available online on the German market. To avoid being deceived by product counterfeiters, you should take the safest route and buy directly from the manufacturer. You can find essential critical data about these wireless headphones with batteries on the website. In the second step, the website turns into an online shop where you can place an order directly.

A discount is currently being offered to give customers from abroad an incentive to purchase this product. This discount is distributed among the three offers as follows:

  • 1 pair of Audien Atom headphones = regular price
  • 2 pairs of Audien Atom headphones = 1 x regular price + 1 x 50% discount
  • 3 pairs of Audien Atom headphones = 2 x regular price + 1 x free

The waiver of shipping costs is currently only available to customers from the USA. This means that you have to expect additional fees when shipping to Germany. Since the seller would hardly have any means of demanding payment from defaulting buyers outside the United States, the payment methods are currently limited to two options. The choices are:

1) Credit card payment and

2) PayPal

Using PayPal, you also have buyer protection if the goods do not arrive as promised. With this payment method, you run no risk of falling for a dubious merchant or being left empty-handed in the event of insolvency.

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Audien Atom technical facts

  1. sound processor in two versions (Atom & Atom Pro).
  2. wireless charging
  3. 20 hours of battery power
  4. atom sound technology for a balanced sound experience
  5. battery charges between 4 and 6 hours
  6. accessories included in the purchase
  7. one size fits all (no adjustment required)

Audien Atom Recommendation

To have a basis for recommending the Audien Atom hearing aid, it is first necessary to consider several features of this product separately. These include:

  • Wearing comfort:How well the Audien Atom hearing aids fit your hearing also depends on whether the one size fits your ear canal perfectly. Testing the fit is, therefore, one of the first things you should do after buying. The second point is the long-term test. Here you can check whether the hearing amplifiers come out of your ears during housework or sports, for example. If the hearing ability decreases, the loss will be noticed more quickly, but it can still be unpleasant.
  • The power supply:The Atom and Atom Pro versions are available for selection with this product. The Pro version has a mobile charging box, while the regular version is supplied with energy during charging with the help of a USB cable. Therefore, both versions are considered wireless but differ from each other in this feature. As a buyer, you should consider beforehand which of these two charging methods is better suited to your everyday life.
  • Everyday usability:Audien Atom is supposed to have a specially developed technology to amplify the existing sounds and yet not distort them. The sound from the headphones should therefore sound as natural as possible and not artificial. You can only test for yourself whether this promise of the manufacturer corresponds to your assessment. It is therefore advisable to try this product in different environments, such as in the office:

(1) the flat

(2) the supermarket or even

(3) in the car

to test. If the sound of the amplified sounds convinces you, this product may prove to be an alternative to classic hearing aids.

You should also test the battery. When fully charged, the manufacturer’s promise for performance is up to 20 hours. Try out the endurance test and wear the headphones for the entire day. The same applies to the charging time, which can take up to 6 hours. If you know in advance whether these times are correct, you can harmonize the use of this hearing aid much better with your everyday life.

  • Hygiene: The hygiene of products like Audien Atom is an evaluation point that can quickly be forgotten. This product comes with several protective caps against earwax. Changing them should prove effortless for cleaning as well as wear and tear. The rest of the product is made of skin-colored plastic, so even these surfaces should be quickly freed from dirt despite their small size.
  • The overall rating: This product has a very well-thought-out design overall. However, there is no guarantee that Audien Atom will help all people with impaired hearing to improve their hearing. Therefore, the test is not to be missed and should not be delayed too long after the purchase so that you can return the product if necessary.
Info about the product provider

Buying a product designed to help you hear is not an everyday purchase. If you have shortlisted Audien Atom headphones as one of your favorites, you are probably also interested in the manufacturer who brought these headphones to market. The following profile can help you find the answer to this question.


Name: Audien Hearing

10733 N Frank Lloyd Boulevard

Unit 103


Arizona 85259

Country of origin: USA


Support: E-Mail: support @ getaudienatom. io

The manufacturer comes from the USA and is still relatively unknown in Germany and Europe. The company’s location outside the EU usually only has an impact due to the applicable import regulations. The laws state that further taxes and fees may apply to imports within the European Union. Their amount does not depend on the type of products or the number of imported goods. The basis for calculating the import fees is the purchase price of the goods. For this reason, you should keep all receipts that contain the purchase price. If customs ask for invoices or other written proof of purchase, the quick completion of the formalities will no longer delay the release of the ordered goods.

If you discover any defects in the Audien Atom headphones, you have up to 45 days after receipt of the goods to initiate an exchange. Only ultimately, returned goods, including the hearing aid and existing accessories, will be accepted. After shipping, it can take up to 14 days for the return to be processed and your money to be refunded minus the shipping costs.

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