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Attracting Top Tech Employees With A Corporate Campus: What To Know

Quality Control

A tech company is only as good as its employees and the direction it plans to go in. Selecting top employees could be very difficult as some tech companies can pay far over market rates for certain positions. Attracting top talent is going to be different for everyone as a great campus can be the factor that pushes one company over the top when it comes to hiring. Remote work is likely the best perk available as people love the freedom of being able to work from home. Most employees want this work model as some tech employees have side hustles they can work on rather than commute to a corporate campus. Below will be a few perks that a corporate campus can offer to attract top tech employees. 

Food Matters

Free food is the way to the hearts of several tech professionals. New graduates could appreciate this as they are trying to save anywhere to help pay their student loans off in a reasonable amount of time. Giving the employees various options daily is not something that will be lost on the staff. There are campuses like that of Facebook/Meta that have a restaurant to represent each of the cultures that they have on their staff. 

An Incredible Gym

The gym should be top of the line to encourage employees to exercise there. This can be done in the morning to allow the employees to be extremely productive as soon as they start work. Tennis courts can also be a great addition along with basketball hoops. Picking the best tennis ball machine can allow employees to practice without playing with another staff member. The gym should have a few staff members to ensure equipment works and the gym is cleaned daily. You do not want employees getting hurt due to faulty equipment as this drums up a plethora of other problems. 

Areas To Work And Relax 

Working while relaxing is the way that some in tech do their best work. There should be relaxation areas that are free of work. Other areas can be available to sit in comfortable chairs if a person simply is not the most creative in their traditional office setting. 

Parking Makes A Difference In Certain Cities 

Cities that have massive parking issues like New York City or San Francisco might want to offer free parking. The ability to park your car in the city is worth thousands of dollars to some employees. The perk of being able to leave the city on weekends is lost on people that do not have cars in these large cities. Take the time to assess whether free parking spots in a garage can entice top talent to join a tech juggernaut. Top employees can make all of the difference and these spaces can potentially be rented out over the year. 

The right corporate campus can work wonders for the hiring department of a tech company. Consider what features you want in a corporate campus as potential employees will likely appreciate similar features.

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