Attention Wax Blockchain Game Developers: Metasource Games Wants to Help Your Company Conquer the Challenges They’ve Already Conquered

Joshua Cantrell of Metasource Games wants you to enjoy Castles NFT, his company’s flagship game on the Wax blockchain.

“Build up your kingdom to acquire wealth, influence, and glory,” reads the pitch on “Craft new NFTs, merge lands, customize heroes, fight monsters, and play in seasonal competitions! Castles is a game with something for everyone.”

O.K. We’re in!

But Joshua’s ever-expanding presence on the Wax blockchain by no means ends with Castles NFT. Joshua and his team at Metasource Games are working to refine gaming on the Wax blockchain by harnessing a spirit of community that binds gamers and developers together everywhere. 

“We noticed that a lot of people come in, see Wax as a great chain and see it as a system to hook into—but they make a lot of mistakes,” Joshua said. “Those mistakes—they can cost a lot of money to fix. A development team makes promises, not understanding how difficult a task and challenge it can be to deliver on those promises with blockchain integration.

“We have examples of games on the blockchain that have been developing for 12 months and haven’t released anything—absolutely nothing. I feel bad for that devs’ team. They’ve been paying somebody for 12 months to develop no product. We have the tools and the knowledge and the expertise to help you get your product out there.”

Metasource can often get everything up and running in one month, and they want to inspire a spirit of sharing, collaboration, and community throughout this industry, which will benefit gamers and developers alike. 

The firm’s strategy unfolds across three stages: 

  • Design: Determine your goals and Metasource will help find the best way to reach them.
  • Create: Metasource will build out your product in stages, allowing you to test it along the way.
  • Deploy: Once you’re satisfied, Metasource will help you deploy our new service to the chain.

“We’ve encountered every problem under the sun, basically, as far as blockchain gaming, and we’ve figured out how to tackle it,” Joshua said. 

“But we don’t need to hoard all the best secrets for blockchain and Web3 gaming. That can be shared and we can work together. We can accomplish great things working together instead of a whole bunch of little individual studios trying to bang their heads against the wall trying to solve the same things over and over. We can work together and solve things efficiently.”

If you choose to hire a developer other than Metasource, or hire an outside studio, they could end up spinning their wheels as they try to reinvent the wheel.

“Or,” Joshua said, “you can come to us. We have the tools and the knowledge and the expertise to get your product out there.” 

Joshua doesn’t like to boast, but the Wax blockchain community has come to rely on Metasource’s dependability and endurance. And Josh and his team have been grateful for the praise.

“Our community has been saying it—you guys are the best devs team on Wax; I wish “X” game over here was working with you; if you guys were working on it, it would be developing faster; it would be working correctly,” Joshua said. 

He added, “Whatever the problem is, we’ve already encountered it and we’ve already solved it.” 

Metasource Games wants to offer guidance and encouragement as you encounter the challenges they’ve already encountered—and conquered. 

“You might have a great idea,” Joshua said. “Maybe it’s a fantastic idea. And there are players ready and willing to play your idea. But you need a reliable team. We’ve got the experience and we’re very willing to share.”

Visit to learn more. You can also send an email.

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