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Atom Finance – A New Way to Know the Market

There are more day trading applications than ever, and more people getting into stock trading than ever before. Heck, I have friends who were not even remotely interested in investing now checking their SoFi Invest account several times during lunch dates.

Don’t get me wrong – I think this is great. Long have we been bound to letting our money wallow in low return, traditional savings accounts, or have had to deal with all the irksome trouble of seeing a live, and sometimes thorny broker. With the internet and its attendant technologies, investing has truly become a thing of the masses.

But what do we really know about what we are doing? I know that some investing services and robo-advisors offer some help and advice, but of what depth? What substance?

This is where a service like Atom Finance comes into play. What Atom Finance does, basically, is provide users with a no-cost stock analysis solution. I’ve been using it of late, and I really think it is a perfect compliment to a trading application like Robinhood or Firstrade.

Frankly, it could be a real game-changer. Providing institutional-level investment data, users are given with the kind of insider info that can turn mere hunches into educated guesses.

A fintech company, Atom Finance was founded by Eric Shoykhet in 2018. Eric’s intention was to create a space where one could not only get sound advice, but have access to the tools only previously available to professional Wall Street Traders.

Atom Finance is not unlike Bloomberg, but one thing certainly is: it’s price-tag is. Access to a Bloomberg terminal costs a whopping $24,000 a year, while Atom Finance is completely free. This is what first attracted me, as the latter shares most of the robust, cutting-edge features of the former.

Notable Features of Atom Finance

  • Customized News Feed: this is a very handy tool, as it allows you to customize a news feed that shows relevant stories about your investments and interests. Never be caught sleeping again; you will get alerts, tips, and stories about what matters, when it matters.
  • Consolidated View: the Atom Finance application allows one to see all their investment accounts in one place. This holistic view helps you to get a handle on just how your total wallet is expanding, and make strategic choices accordingly. In addition, it allows you to monitor things in real time, a boon for someone who is in the business of gunslinging (day trading).
  • Stock Alerts: another highly customizable feature, “stock alerts” lets you receive track and monitor the stocks that you most highly prize, or are simply curious about. What’s more, you can set price points so you’ll be the first to know if something is falling or climbing. This feature is not limited to stocks either; it allows you to keep track of a variety of financial assets, from bonds to currencies.
  • Company Analysis: this is where Atom Finance really shines. Instead of superficial analyses, you get well-researched information about market stalwarts and up-and-comers alike. What’s more, Atom Finance updates their information about individual companies three times throughout the day. They give you complete stock reports to keep your head in the game.
  • Financial Models: Atom Finance also furnishes users with financial models, which detail a chosen company’s forecast. These are produced according to a range of factors, including income statements, cash flow, and retained earnings.

Atom Finance Fees

As I mentioned, Atom Finance is completely free of charge. Setting up an account is very easy as well. The software is generally smooth and intuitive, and I doubt anyone with a little computer experience will have any trouble navigating its features. It’s a great place to begin researching, for newbies and grizzled vets alike.

Cons of Atom Finance

  • Customer Support: Atom Finance offers little in the way of customer support. Nor does it have anything like expert advice or planned seminars; what it gives you, basically, are the tools of the experts.
  • Lack of Community: For many, this is an important aspect of trading, as we all want to be a part of something. There is really no community to speak of surrounding Atom Finance, nor is their Facebook or other social media pages particularly active.
  • Zero Promotions: There are also no promotions, or special offers. But at $0 per month, this is hardly something to gripe about.

The Bottom Line

Atom Finance is really about price and potential. What you are getting is a full-fledged analysis system that gives stock screening options, in-depth company analyses, and financial modeling. These are the kind of powerful assets that come with a paid service like Bloomberg, and it’s all for free.

Accessible to traders the world over, Atom Finance is the perfect tool to couple with a brokerage account. Together, you have everything at your disposal to become an accomplished, successful day trader.

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