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Atlanta businessman, young entrepreneur, and author Ray Mills share insight about his book “Let’s Start a Business.”

“Let’s Start a Business” inspires young hopeful entrepreneurs with business guidance for the future. 

The 34-year old businessman, entrepreneur, father of three and author, Ray Mills, a Georgian-born resident has recently given us more insight into his critically acclaimed book, “Let’s Start a Business.” The second publication written by Mills has helped inspire young hopeful entrepreneurs with business guidance they can use for future endeavors. 

Mills who started his very first business at the age of 11-years has now become a self-made millionaire in his mid-thirties. Today, Mills is the owner of two successful businesses, Ray Mills Enterprises, The Mills Academy, and serves on the board of Youth Build USA. His latest publication has reached a global audience, and as the title suggests, starting a business can be easy – all you have to do is start

Ray Mills has recently given us more insight into his journey towards success and his book, giving business advice, guidance, and inspiring young entrepreneurs everywhere.

Why “Let’s Start a Business” is so groundbreaking

Although there is a wide variety of business and financial publications available just about anywhere, most of these books simply offer a structure or framework the reader should follow to attain success. When reading Mills’s book, you understand that although starting a business can be a daunting challenge, all of us can make it work. 

“Let’s Start a Business” is a quick and easy read, focusing on the important elements one should consider when starting your business. The book doesn’t offer a simple how-to guide but inspires you to be more confident and seek opportunities for possible business ventures. 

The second publication of Mills, the first “Positively Living,” is a perfect duo that allows new and hopeful entrepreneurs to understand how starting a business isn’t difficult if you have the right mindset. 

Ray Mills gives insight on “Let’s Start a Business”

Mills’ success comes from determination, effort, and putting in a lot of his own time to make it work. The entrepreneur and family man shares ‘ A problem is only a problem when you don’t have a solution,’ taking note that your success will come from working hard and being dedicated to what you’re setting out to accomplish.  

Additionally, Mills has shared on numerous occasions that young people can achieve anything, even if they encounter setbacks. Mills who is no stranger to growing up in difficult circumstances is a testament that anything is possible but to achieve what you want; you have to take a leap of faith and go for it. 

The push for financial literacy 

Another great aspect about “Let’s Start a Business” is that it focuses on the push for financial literacy. The author uses his experience and talents to highlight what young entrepreneurs should consider important and valuable to start their business. More so, Mills is an advocate when it comes to helping young adults and youth communities better understand how business works, and what it takes to become a thriving business owner. 

Mills on doing what’s right for your community 

A few years ago, Mills together with Londrelle Hall ran more than 500 miles in three weeks. This came after the unlawful killing of Michael Brown, a black teenager. Mills used this as an opportunity to highlight a movement on police brutality and racial injustice in American communities. Mills would, later on, create the Run for Justice foundation aiming to build and rebuild disadvantaged African-American communities.  

Ray has become a testament that doing what’s right for yourself and others should be something every individual should adhere to. His efforts have enabled communities to benefit from educational programs, workshops, and youth empowerment. 

Coupled with his love for his community and his passion for business, the book has become a valuable resource to help us understand the importance of financial freedom at a young age. With a longstanding knowledge of how business works, and how to operate it, “Let’s Start a Business” is the missing link a handful of hopeful entrepreneurs have been looking for. For more information about Ray Mills or to purchase any of his books, you can visit his website

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