At What Point Should You get A WindShield Crack Fixed

Windshields are known to be super resilient. Driving a car really isn’t the same without it. When driving, windshields protect you from bugs, rocks, rain, and flying debris. If you’ve ever had a damaged windshield, then you know that awful of having to risk driving around in your car. Windshield damage can come in many forms. Sometimes the cracks are incredibly tiny and are hardly noticeable while other times the damage is just catastrophic.

During times like these, this question may come up in your head: “ Do I need to replace my entire windshield or can I get this repaired?”. Unfortunately, the answers to this are not entirely straightforward. Some things need to be put into consideration which means that there can be various answers to the question. This article is going to help you out in giving some clarity on the matter!

1. When to know that the windshield needs a replacement

It’s important to know that at times you may need a complete replacement of your windshield. While this can get costly, in the end, it’s best for your safety. If cracks on your windshield are larger than a dollar bill or extend outside of the edge of the windshield, it’s time to look into replacing it. This extends to the glass being tempered and if the cracks are covering  50% of the windshield.

2. Understanding the types of damage that can occur

There are a variety of ways that can damage your windshield, some are more unlikely than others. It’s best to understand that there are different types of damage, but in the end, all damage that your windshield faces needs to be taken seriously. The two most common types of windshield damage are cracks and chips. At times these need simple repairs, while other times a whole replacement of the windshield. 

3. Cracks

Cracks cause the glass on the windshield to completely separate. Cracks can either start out big or they can begin being very small and grow larger within time. There are a variety of ways that cracks can happen to a windshield. These can happen due to car accidents, things such as rocks hitting your window, hail from storms, or even having the windshield exposed to hot sun rays for long periods.

4. Chips

These small blemishes are caused by breaking up layers of glass. Most of the time a professional body shop can quickly solve this issue. These often just need a quick repair depending on the size of the chip itself. It is important to realize that even the smallest of chips have the power to greatly impact the glass if it hits the windshield deep enough. Cracks usually grow from chips.

5. Can’t I just wait to repair my windshield?

You’ll need to get this addressed as soon as possible. Damage to a windshield is very serious, and it’s incredibly important in keeping you and your passengers safe. You can easily fail a car inspection if your windshield is obstructed enough. These small chips or cracks are a big deal and over time your windshield will become weak.

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