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At What Point Does It Make Sense to Start Purchasing IT Support as a Small Business?

Purchasing IT Support as a Small Business

More and more companies are considering getting IT services as a way of helping them cope with growing tech demands. The concept of getting IT services for your business is not a new one; it’s been done for many years. Some businesses desperately need these services, while others can manage without them. 

However, at what point does it make sense to start purchasing IT support as a small business? If you’re thinking about upgrading your business with some professional IT services, here are some points to consider:

How many devices do you use?

Do you have a lot of tech devices in circulation around your business? Are you finding it hard to maintain all of them and keep them all updated? If either of these problems is the case, you might want to consider IT support services. 

Businesses that don’t use many devices may have less need for IT support than others, purely as it is easier for you to control all the devices and keep them updated. The more devices you use, the greater the need for ongoing support. 

How many users do you have?

Similarly, how many people are using your devices? A team of five people might not require dedicated IT support services. Realistically, you could manage things with an in-house support team – or individual. 

However, as your business grows and you start adding more users to your network, the demand for support increases. Each additional user is another opportunity for security breaches or faults. Thus, you will need more support to contend with this. 

Are you experiencing numerous security issues?

When your business is small and relatively new, you may not experience that many cybersecurity issues. Nevertheless, the more prominent your company becomes, the more security problems you face. 

Have you been the subject of a data breach? Do you constantly get sent phishing emails? If so, you need IT support to tighten up your defenses and protect against cybersecurity attacks. 

Can you handle things on your own?

Perhaps the deciding factor in when it makes sense to purchase IT support services for your business is when you can no longer handle things on your own. 

You have a small IT team, and they’ve always been able to manage things for you. But, there reaches a point where they can no longer manage the workload without exterior support. 

In this situation, outsourced IT support services make a lot of sense. They lighten the workload on your team, ensuring they can focus on their strengths while the rest of your IT infrastructure is monitored off-site. 

All in all, the underlying theme is that it makes sense to get IT services when you feel overburdened at work. Whether this is through too many devices or users – or with mounting cybersecurity concerns and an inability to handle everything. 

When you reach a point where managing the IT side of your business becomes a challenging in-house task, that is the exact time where outsourcing helps. 

If you need help with any IT challenges in your small business, contact You Need A Pro today. We can provide on-site IT support that helps your business stay productive and efficient!

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