Astrological Revolution: Cosmic Profile Engineers The Mechanics Of Astrology Into VR Through High-utility Nfts

Astrology may soon be elevated to new prominence and add new dimensions in the virtual reality of the Metaverse if the creatives of Kentra Media deliver on the promise of their “Cosmic Profile” NFT project.

Kentra Media International’s creative crew have developed Cosmic Profile based on their conviction that the investor and collector markets are ready for technologically sophisticated NFTs built on more advanced design components and dramatic next-level artistic content than we’re accustomed to seeing in new drops.

Cosmic Profile’s goal is to appeal to the expanding numbers of experienced NFT investors with vision, taking their NFT experience to a whole new level and demonstrating the offering’s intrinsic worth as a high-value investment.

The project

The project builds on the constant dedication of its potential target buyers to astrology and the Zodiac signs. As a result, there are already millions of likely investors and collectors globally, from those who are spiritually committed to astrology, to ordinary people interested in their daily horoscopes and the general forecasts for their individual signs. Cosmic Profile NFTs promise investors, collectors, and NFT beginners new, practical astrology for the new virtual reality, complete with the latest technology, innovation, storytelling, and immersive design.

Kentra wants to bring astrology to virtual life for the Metaverse, increasing its inherent worth and securing its investment viability. Cosmic Profile aims to create “…a contextually deeper and more immersive, connected project…” for investors and collectors than they’ll find in other offerings. The NFTs themselves are said to be rich in traits and technology. 

Kentra CEO Marko M. has made the project’s intent clear: “Astrology, recast through Kentra’s new aesthetics and tech innovations, will become a digital way of life in the Metaverse.”

We’re advised that the initial drop, scheduled for sometime this quarter, will probably be sooner rather than later, so we’ll soon see what the project delivers. An official launch date should be forthcoming very soon.

If you’re a fan of freebies, you might want to check out the giveaway Kentra is offering. You can win 1 ETH, and the giveaway is open to everyone.

“This will be a unique entry opportunity for experienced NFT investors who are able to recognize the huge potential and appeal of Cosmic Profile to an existing target audience numbering in the millions.”

We like the idea of a vast pre-existing target audience with a keen interest in the subject matter…

If Cosmic Profile fulfills its promise in enabling participants to have meaningful connections and create opportunities for deeper experience in the Metaverse through a sophisticated, feature-rich NFT, there is likely to be plenty of interest, especially if experienced NFT investors can capitalize on Kentra’s promise of significant intrinsic value.


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