Asseta: Transforming Banking with the Blockchain Technology

We all grew accustomed to the traditional ways of carrying out financial transactions, which involved using banks and other financial institutions, until the blockchain technology paved way to an entirely different means of performing transactions and exchanges. While blockchain has shown us a new means of exchanging value, Asseta is taking it to another level by taking the global banking sector on the journey into the digital world

The Future of Banking with Asseta

Simply put, Asseta is the future of banking services. Developed with the needs of members of the crypt community in mind, and operating on the blockchain technology, the Asseta platform is remarkably easy to use, secure, and reliable.

Having both traditional and modern services on its blockchain, Asseta stands as a force to reckon with in the digital world. This makes it a decentralised channel where all the prerequisites for performing modern banking services are easily accessible to members of the network globally.

By creating a bank that is digital in nature, Asseta focuses on giving its members a modern, easy to use, low cost, and borderless financial services like loans, investments, insurance, payments and even the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market.

To make this become a reality, Asseta is going to make use of banking licenses in some central provinces around the world, and also take part in payment networks such as SEPA (European Union).

Benefits of the Asseta Platform

Being Ethereum-based, the Asseta platform is decentralised and makes use of smart contracts. But what do members of the crypto ecosystem stand to gain from the platform? With Asseta, they get:

  • An extremely user-friendly interface
  • Competitive rates and fees,
  • 24/7 access to funds globally,
  • High liquidity and;
  • Higher security

The Asseta ICO token

On the Asseta platform, Ether, as well as other fiat currencies, is the only accepted cryptocurrencies on the platform, but the platform also has an in-app token known as AST.

Currently 1000 AST is valued at 1 ETH, and the token has a hard cap of 30,000 ETH and a soft cap of 10,000 ETH. During the ICO period, tokens that are not sold will be destroyed automatically due to the smart contract that is incorporated in the Ethereum blockchain.


Global financial services are changing daily, and this is why Asseta has created a unique global, leading and strong bank that would be able to meet up with the ever changing needs in financial services.

A number people are already accustomed to the traditional means of banking services, however, with the Asseta platform, members do not only have access to traditional banking services, but they also have a medium where they can perform transactions that involve cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is growing daily and now Asseta has been able to incorporate the usage of these currencies in real-life scenarios. Using the in-app utility token, AST, users can easily carry out financial transactions with ease from anywhere they are. Banking services are pivoting to the future.

The token sale is over, see more details here: :

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