Asseta: The new generation banking service on Blockchain

Until the emergence of the blockchain technology, transactions were only made using banks and other financial institutions. And has time has passed, many companies found innovative ways to utilize the power of this technology. Now Asseta is taking the entire banking sector on a journey to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Borderless Crypto Banking with Asseta

The future is here, and Asseta is leading the banking sector to this future. The platform is blockchain-based and has been built in a way that meets the needs of people who are looking to experience banking services in an easy-to-use, reliable, and secure manner.

By creating an ecosystem within the blockchain network where users can gain access to both future and traditional banking services, the Asseta platform is taking the concept of banking to another level. This innovative move will make the platform a go-to medium when it comes to accessing the necessary requisites needed in carrying out banking operations from anywhere around the world.

Being more like a digital bank, the platform provides borderless, low cost, as well as modern financial services such as loans, insurance, payments, investments, and of course, cryptocurrencies. All these are being done using banking licenses in strategic provinces, and also by participating in payment networks such as SEPA.

Being Ethereum-based, the Asseta platform makes use of smart contracts in carrying out exchanges and transactions within its network. And as such, users get to enjoy security, high liquidity, seamless money transfers, currency exchange, simple deposits and withdrawals, insurance, low fees, 24/7 access to funds and a friendly interface.

The Asseta Token Sale

Operating out of Lithuania, the Asseta platform is Ethereum-based and uses the ERC-20 token known as AST token. Ether remains the only accepted cryptocurrency on the platform, while fiat currencies like USD and EUR are also accepted.

An ICO was organized by Asseta which started on February 2, 2018, and lasted until February 28, 2018. During this period, the soft cap and hard cap were set at 10,000 ETH and 30,000 ETH respectively at an exchange rate of 1 ETH = 1000 AST. Tokens not sold during this period were automatically destroyed by the smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain.


The area of financial transactions started to take a different turn when the blockchain technology was introduced. And with this paradigm shift came the need to evolve to adequately meet the requirements of people around the world, and Asseta is here to soothe that need.

Though there are still areas of banking services being operated in a centralized manner, this unique platform is not only bringing users the traditional means of carrying out banking transactions, it is also is bringing them the option of making these transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Asseta has seen the need to bring the ever-growing world of cryptocurrency into the area of providing banking services. With the utility token known as AST token, members of the network can make whatever transactions they want to, without having to worry about handling multiple accounts.

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