Asseta – Low cost, Modern, Easy to use and Borderless financial services.

Over the decades, many financial institutions have claimed to be the Bank of the future. Hollow promises, these money-handling firms have always been about maximizing their own profit from money that is not theirs.

The Cryptocurrency Revolution

With the dawn of cryptocurrencies, the banking sector’s foundation has been shaken. People now had the power to store their money safely. Transfer and trade with it without the need of a bank. With no commission charges, extremely faster transfer worldwide and a very low transaction fee, digital money has taken the world by storm.

The massive adoption of decentralized digital cash has baffled financial institutions worldwide. Their hold on being the royals in charge of money handling, and charging a hefty amount for it, is near at its end.

Asseta, The Blockchain Bank of The Future

Though the decentralized economy has seen a massive boom in recent years, there has always been a gap when it came to fully replacing traditional banks. With cryptos, the only way to transfer money is to use e-wallets, either on a computer, or a mobile. Many people are not that much technology adapted and the buying, selling of cryptocurrencies and using e-wallets to store and send to purchase is too much.

The gap is filled in by Asseta, a Lithuania based decentralized bank. It is like none of the traditional banks. Asseta relies on the Blockchain technology to develop a bank that is just as easy to use as a normal one, but with decentralization, it gives its customers the power of Blockchain.

The bank, relying on Blockchain, is able to deliver superior services such as:

  • Extremely fast transactions.
  • Near impossible to breach security.
  • Very low transaction charges.
  • 24/7 services.
  • Multiple backups so your data is always secure and available.

What Does Asseta Offer?

As a digital decentralized bank, Asseta gives all of the services that traditional banks do, but with a greater user satisfaction:

  • Money Transfers: Global transfer of money in a matter of seconds and minutes.
  • Currency Exchange: trading of different currencies in near instant real time.
  • Easy Deposits And Withdrawals: Simple deposit and withdrawals of money using most popular methods.
  • Payment Receiving: Accept payments on your website/ platform and receive funds in your Asseta account immediately.
  • Insurance: Property and health insurance is also available.

The decentralized bank is not just another Blockchain based Fintech startup, but a full-fledged bank that has applied for various EU licenses, ensuring that it complies with banking regulations and its customers would not face issues where different countries are passing laws to limit usage of cryptocurrencies.

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