Asset tokenization platform Brickblock opens tokens (BBK) for trading

Brickblock is an asset tokenization smart contract platform with a mission to establish the global standard for asset-backed security tokens. Tokenizing assets makes them more accessible, affordable, and efficient to invest in, and provides liquidity to asset classes that have historically suffered from illiquidity.

On July 11th, Brickblock tokens (BBK) were unlocked for trading. BBK are currently listed on IDEX,, and BitMart.

What makes Brickblock special?

Brickblock is in the advanced stages of negotiations with regulators to issue the first asset-backed security tokens in the European Union.

Once Brickblock receives regulatory approval (its lawyers are exploring options in four jurisdictions to expedite the process), the company is in a position to tokenize $1.4+ billion worth of real estate assets for which letters of intent have already been signed. The smart contracts to facilitate the transaction of the asset-backed tokens are currently undergoing a final round of auditing by the best in the business, ConsenSys Diligence, to ensure top security.

These tokens are called Proof-of-Asset (PoA) tokens and legally entitle the owner to the profits of the underlying asset.

Why buy BBK?

Brickblock tokens (BBK), meanwhile, perform a very specific utility in the Brickblock ecosystem, essentially functioning as fee credit fountains to provide access to Brickblock clients’ offerings, comparable to holding a software license.

So, what’s the incentive to own BBK?

BBK can be activated to automatically generate Access tokens (ACT)*. This is done with just one click. Access tokens (ACT) are used to pay for all Brickblock transaction fees (i.e. when an asset is fully funded). BBK owners can then claim the ACT in proportion to the amount their tokens generated*. The more transactions that are facilitated within Brickblock’s smart contract platform, the more ACT are generated.

Like BBK, ACT are ERC20-standard tokens and can be traded. You can learn more about Brickblock’s token structure here.

*The amount of ACT you generate is dependent on the number of BBK that you activated in proportion to the total number of activated BBK, as well as Brickblock’s transaction volume.

*BBK activation will be possible after the ConsenSys Diligence audit.

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