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Asset-Packaged NFT Issuance and Trading Platform Coresky Will Launch Its Fourth Round of Launchpad on June 25th

Coresky, the world’s first Asset-packaged NFT issuance and trading platform, will launch its fourth round of Launchpad on June 25th Eastern Time. In this Launchpad, Coresky will mint multiple Scroll-packaged NFTs using its own primary market token quota worth up to $750,000. Users who hold Scroll-packaged NFTs represent their ownership of the primary market token of the Scroll project that has not yet been issued.

Scroll is an EVM-equivalent zkRollup designed to scale Ethereum and use zkEVM to prove the correctness of second-layer execution. The emergence of this technology has a close relationship with the current congestion and high gas fee issues on blockchain networks. The role of Rollup technology is to replicate the content that needs to be calculated to Layer2 protocol for calculation, compress and package the results, and resend them back to the on-chain network. ZK is a cryptographic algorithm that uses zero-knowledge proofs and completes the packaging work in a Layer2 method without knowing who the verifier is. Scroll, which adopts the ZKRollup technology, improves efficiency by thousands of times.

Due to its innovation and market potential, Scroll has attracted the attention of many well-known investment institutions, such as Polychain Capital, Sequoia China, Bain Capital Crypto, Moore Capital Management, Variant Fund, Newman Capital, IOSG Ventures, and Qiming Venture Partners. These institutions believe that Scroll has tremendous growth potential and will bring more possibilities to blockchain technology.

Coresky has successfully launched three previous Launchpad projects, including Celestia, Wormhole and Fuel. The Scroll-packaged NFTs released this time will also attract more attention and participation from Web3 users. The fourth round of Launchpad will sell 3,000 Scroll-packaged NFTs, with an initial Mint price of 100U for each NFT. Only users who hold equity NFTCoreCards issued by the Coresky platform can participate in this Scroll-packaged NFT issuance subscription.

Users who want to participate in this round of Launchpad can mint and bind CoreCards on the Coresky platform for free. After meeting the 7×24-hour binding requirement, users will receive Tickets produced by CoreCards. Users can use Tickets to participate in the new issuance event of Scroll-packaged NFTs. Users who are selected will enjoy the right to Mint Scroll-packaged NFTs. CoreCards are divided into six levels, and users at levels 4-5 will receive Asset-packaged NFTs that are free of charge from the platform in every Launchpad, as a special privilege of high-level CoreCards. Users can upgrade their CoreCards to V4 or V5 level through transaction mining, or directly purchase high-level CoreCards in the Coresky marketplace. Users who hold CoreCards can continuously participate in Coresky Launchpad activities. Coresky will launch 12-15 rounds of Launchpad projects per year.

In the Launchpad event of Scroll-packaged NFT in this round, Coresky will take a snapshot of CoreCard V4 and V5 holding addresses at 00:00 on July 3rd Eastern Time. At that time, CoreCard V4 users who meet the snapshot conditions will receive Asset-packaged NFTs worth 200U, and CoreCard V5 users will receive Asset-packaged NFTs worth 1000U. Users only need to bind CoreCards on the Coresky platform to meet the snapshot conditions.

In the first three Launchpad activities of Coresky, the average return for CoreCard V4 was 88%, the average return for CoreCard V5 was 73.5%, and the average return for CoreCard V3 was 30%. As Coresky continues to launch Asset-packaged NFT projects in Launchpad, users who hold CoreCards will continue to receive substantial returns.

The token unlocking mechanism for each period of Coresky Launchpad’s Asset-packaged NFT depends on the primary market investment rounds of the Coresky platform in that project. Taking Scroll-packaged NFT as an example, the investment round of the Coresky platform in this project is the institutional round. Users holding Scroll-packaged NFTs only need to wait for the token to be unlocked and then claim it on the chain.

Coresky is the world’s leading Asset-packaged NFT issuance and trading platform. The upcoming fourth round of Launchpad further proves its leading position. Coresky’s Asset-packaged NFTs provide users with opportunities to participate in primary market investments in the Web3 industry, while also expanding the types of NFTs, breaking the boundaries of NFTs, and creating a new model for equity NFT transactions. It is believed that Coresky will launch more exciting projects in the future, bringing investors more diverse investment opportunities.

Users from the global crypto industry are welcome to log on to the Coresky trading platform to learn more:

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