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Asset Management Platform, Kunji Finance Kicks Off its Initial Dex Offering (IDO) Sale on Poolz and GameFi

Kunji Finance, a decentralized asset management platform built on Arbitrum, has announced its IDO on Poolz Finance and GameFi. The platform allows asset managers to create and run both long and short strategies on the platform. The strategies can be based on discretionary investment theses that helps investors to invest in “hedge fund” like strategies with full suctody and without any regulatory ambiguity. 

The Kunji Finance platform’s native token, $KNJ, is a utility token with a fixed supply of 100 million. It offers advantages such as deflation, predictability, and scarcity elements. The IDO Sale will take place on two different launchpads, Poolz Finance and GameFi, on September 21, 2023. 

KNJ Tokenomics

Ticker: $KNJ

Chain: Arbitrum One

Token Supply: 100,000,000 (Fixed)

IDO Allocation: 1,500,000

IDO Price: $0.3

TGE Market Cap: $990,000

IDO Platform: Poolz Finance, GameFi

Listing Platform:, BitMart

KNJ token’s utility is designed to create a positive feedback loop through the provision of Principal Cover for liquidity providers to reduce the investment risk by distributing risk, and reward with token holders. After the IDO, the KNJ token will listed on centralized exchanges, i.e., and BitMart. The date of listing will be announced soon.

Currently, the beta version of the platform is live. The platform has achieved several milestones before the token launch and launching the product for public. They have established multiple partnerships and collaborations with protocols like GMX, MUX Protocol, Router Protocol, KyberSwap, OKX, and Sender Wallet. Moreover, their early adopter token contract address was among the hottest contract on Arbitrum in July. With the token launch, they will be launching the product for public, per their whitepaper.

About Kunji Finance

Kunji Finance is a decentralized platform built on Arbitrum that connects asset managers with liquidity providers, allowing those asset managers to leverage their skills with access to further capital while generating trading-based profit opportunities for capital providers. The asset management services can be based on discretionary investment theses that run long and short strategies created by asset managers on the platform, enabling the creation of “hedge funds” for retail investors without any regulatory ambiguity. Kunji is to crypto hedge funds what Uber is to Limo services. Learn more:

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