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Assessment to do when buying a Lawn Mower

Assessment to do when buying a Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is a machine that uses one or even more rotating blades to evenly trim grass surfaces. Though the operator can usually change it, the height of the cut grass may be fixed by the mower’s design.

Mowing allows your lawn to grow more while also maintaining its good looks. Lawnmowers are an essential piece of kit for yard maintenance and lawn care that helps you to maintain a neat and manicured lawn that neighbors will admire.

This article will focus on the several elements that must be considered before getting yourself a lawn mower.

The following are the factors that should be assessed before buying the mower;

  • Performance

Finding a lawn mower that meets your needs for your yard is essential when you’re considering purchasing one. Choose an engine size which can handle duties like bagging and mulching leaves as well as cutting through tall, damp grass.

  • Comfort

Various mowers have different comfort features, like adjustable handles as well as wheels, that make navigating tight spaces much easier. Ensure the mower is comfortable because you’ll be riding or walking behind it for years. Ensure the tractor seat is solid enough for you or that the walk-behind mower can be adjusted to your ideal height.

  • Price

This is among the prioritized considerations one needs to make when purchasing a lawn mower. The lawn mower price in Kenya will vary depending on a variety of elements, including its size, whether you require additional features such as self-propulsion (electric mowers), and the brand. The available budget is the final deciding factor, despite all other factors considered.

  • Size of lawn

Part of choosing a lawnmower is knowing how big your yard is. The best move is take measurements of the yard because many different sizes are available. Remember that maneuverability and the storage space after usage will be a problem if it’s too small.

  • Mode of power

When powering your lawn mower, you have two choices: gas or electric. Gas-powered lawnmowers are typically more powerful and, therefore, more effective. But electric lawnmowers are typically more silent and smokeless.

The size of your lawn should be considered when choosing between electric and gas lawnmowers. An electric lawn mower can take care of your grass on one charge if you have an average subdivision yard that is flat.

But you should choose the gas-powered alternative if you’re worried about having enough time to mow the entire yard before recharging or having enough power to climb hills.

  • Safety features

In order to keep everyone safe, lawnmowers are equipped with several safety features, such as automatic shutoff after the bag becomes full. It is vital to assess what would be most practical for you while considering your budget.


This article outlines the several decisions that must be made when buying a lawn mower machine and are, therefore, quite valuable as a resource. Hence, if you intend to purchase a suitable machine, it is advised that you conduct an in-depth study to become familiar with the product.

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