ASSEMBLE Protocol Listed on the Largest Crypto Exchange – Coinbase

Crypto Exchange - Coinbase

ASSEMBLE Protocol is a blockchain-based global point integration platform that exploits ASM utility token to bring diverse loyalty points together in their platform. The official disclosure by Coinbase has confirmed the listing of the ASM on its main platform which came after the official listing on the Coinbase Pro the day earlier. ASSEMBLE Protocol asset has attracted many investors’ attention after its gain over 24-hours with the price souring up to 200%. 

The listing has been followed by the huge influx of the trading volume of both CEX and DEX platforms leading at the $500 million at its peak, which has been followed by the listing on Currently, secured a 6th rank among the centralized exchanges in the world, which pinpoints to the fact that ASM is experiencing a decent adoption by global leading institutions. 

ASSEMBLE Protocol 

ASSEMBLE protocol is pioneering the local market by connecting the leading firms to its application in order to provide the smooth integration of the loyalty points with its ASP, later it can be exchanged to the ASM token. ASM is currently supported on various large exchanges such as Coinbase,, and Bithumb Korea.

Furthermore, ASSEMBLE Protocol is the revolutionary platform that organizes the business mileages to exchange the affiliate corporate’s loyalty points into their unified reward point ASP. As aforementioned, ASP can be exchanged for the ASM token. 

The main concept behind this is to bring different mileage and loyalty points together into a single, unified, digital wallet; this has appeared previously in the South Korean market due to the numerous problems associated with the mileage expiration and dispersion feature.

Eventually, many companies have tried to pioneer this industry by organizing the loyalty points and blockchain technology together. But till now ASSEMBLE protocol has been one of the most successful ones so far provided the track of record. 

Recently, the ASSEMBLE team developed  the desktop version of the ASSEMBLE Wallet. Therefore, now the users of ASSEMBLE Protocol are able to exchange points and also the users are allowed to purchase eGift cards on their desktop in addition to Android and iOS apps and mobile browsers.

ASSEMBLE Protocol Achievements 2021

In May, Coinbase Institutional officially confirmed that they allowed the cold storage and custody support for the ASM token. This becomes the positive signal for the potential support on its other platforms, particularly Coinbase Pro.

On October 20, Coinbase Pro officially confirmed the listing of the ASSEMBLE Protocol’s ASM token in the following pairs ASM-USD/ ASM-USDT on their platform. Even more, Coinbase noted in an official blog post that the Coinbase platform will support trading, which will take place the next day after listing. 

Already, some users are able to use inbound transfers and deposit ASM by using the Coinbase Pro accounts. After the listing of Coinbase Pro, ASM price has jumped 200%. Aside from all this, the ASM transaction volume increased over 26,000% after the Coinbase listing

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