ASKfm: Now with Blockchain and Tokenization

ASKfm 2.0 is a blockchain-based social growth network that will extend the infrastructure of the existing ASKfm which is one of the biggest Q&A social networks in the world today. It will be used not only for fun and socializing but also provides possibilities for studying and receiving information in all the areas that users prefer. The aim of the new ecosystem is to refresh the ways of communication on the internet and to build a network that can keep everyone well-informed and educated.

New Functionality upon the Existing Infrastructure

Being built upon the existing ASKfm infrastructure, ASKfm 2.0 will consist of three additional parts: Social Center, Knowledge Center, and Research Lab. All three layers will be represented as separate sections on the website and in the apps, however, they will operate within a single framework and each one will be accessible through the ASKfm user’s account linked to their ASKT wallet. ASKT is a token of the system and it is possible to earn and use ASKT for different actions on all layers of the platform.

Social Center

The Social Center will have a form of a familiar Q&A social network where users can ask questions, either anonymously or openly, as it is in the existing ASKfm. Users can address not only other users but also celebrities if they want to know their views on something or some aspect of their personal or professional life. There will be four privacy options available to users.

Knowledge Center

In the interface of The Knowledge Center, all the questions related to the specific field of knowledge are represented. It includes the Knowledge Sections, the Discussion Deck, and the Learning Lab.

 Knowledge Sections

The Knowledge Sections are several topics and subtopic areas which can be added by users with moderation. It is a separate feed of questions and answers where all the questions related to the specific field of knowledge are represented. This section of the platform aims to reach the expert and build a specialized community in different areas

Discussion Deck

In The Discussion Deck, users can argue on certain topics in public debates and an also  request comments from opinion leaders.All users have a Compound Debater Reputation generated from the monitored activity on the Disk Deck and the success of their arguments.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a gamified e-learning platform with proprietary MOOCs and content provided by partners. Courses vary in different disciplines; users will also have a chance to pass online tests to prove their expertise.

Research Lab

The Research Lab will provide predictive analytics based on the results of polls, product surveys and everyday answers by ASKfm 2.0 users which can be useful for corporations, brands, research agencies and social scientists. Activity in the Research Lab can take the form of reviews, a question-like feedback option that enables any user to submit a review on the brand account page; cultural insights, a way of creating crowdfunded targeted polls for non-commercial use; prediction polls, a variation of cultural insights with more precise targeting; or social studies, a publicly accessible type of prediction polls with lowered fee ,and unlimited budget.

Social Network Tokenization

ASKfm 2.0 will exist in the form of website and mobile apps. It’s developing to be scalable, decentralized and independent so that it will be built on the blockchain. This technology provides a possibility to develop democratic environments and self-regulated economic models governed by market laws and mechanisms.

An underlying token economy of the system will allow content creators to be compensated for knowledge sharing. The platform’s native cryptocurrency is ERC20 ASKfm 2.0 tokens (ASKT), which provides a unit of value exchange that grants users access to the internal economy.

The ASKfm 2.0 blockchain solution will provide the capacity to process at least 20 000 transactions per second and will process all token transfers including  token-mediated user interaction. Each user will have their own private key and the blocks will be formed by a platform-controlled set of validators. Block explorers will be accessible through the platform frontend and a token gateway will transfer ASKT between the platform and user accounts on the Ethereum network.

The backend layer will host the website, maintain the original ASKfm 1.0 functionality, store user accounts and hold all the off-chain data relevant to the platform.

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