Ashlee Krutzfeldt and Her Long List of Successes

The photography industry is competitive and male-dominated, so how did this young female photographer garner so much success? Because Ashlee Krutzfeldt, who’s based in Los Angeles took advantage of those facts and began focusing on boudoir photoshoots. She’s gained a massive following because of that, as well as incredible opportunities. Like having her work featured on magazine covers worldwide, being a judge for an FMC fitness model competition, and appearing on Model Diaries, one of The Fashion Network’s shows.

But let’s take a step back to Ashlee’s business, AJKPHOTOGRAPHY. She began doing photography full time 10 years ago when a friend asked her to shoot her wedding. That’s the day Ashlee realized the beauty of capturing someone’s happiest moments on film. The inspiration came flowing, and the business was created. Now it’s a decade later, and Ashlee has gathered quite the impressive list of accomplishments.

One of those accomplishments is her work with magazines. Ashlee’s work has landed on the covers of magazines such as Inside Fitness, Fitness Gurls, Fitness Mag, Natural Bikini, and Oxygen. Not only that, but she’s also one of the contributing photographers for Inside Fitness, the most popular fitness magazine in Canada.

On top of that, she’s worked with some big names in the entertainment industry. Some of which are TV stars Brett Wilson of Dragons’ Den; Kira Green and Evan Christian Smith, both from Love Island; WBFF stars Lauren Simpson, Caroline DeCampos, and Hattie Boyle; WWE tag team Champions Peyton and Billie, including wrestling Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson; fitness stars Anita Herbert, Paige Hathaway, and Ana Cheri, and even America’s Next Top Model contestants, Courtney Paige Nelson.

Because of Ashlee’s continued success, she’s always busy. At one point, she was even booked for six months straight, with countless models asking to work with her the next year. It can all get overwhelming at times, but with her team and drive, she manages to overcome all the problems life throws at her.

Ashlee didn’t always have that support system. When she first started, she never had a mentor or anyone willing to teach her about photography and had to learn everything herself. She was a one woman show, doing everything by herself. It was an amazing learning experience but definitely ran her ragged but instilled her strong work ethic and drive to create. 

Today, Ashlee’s been putting a lot of focus on her newest venture, building a talent agency with business partners Adam Quinn and Nick McCandless. The company will be based in Los Angeles, but will be accepting clients from all around the world. The launch date has not yet been revealed, but you can stay updated on everything Ashlee is working on from her Instagram, @ajkphotography.

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