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Ashish Sukralia, the man behind the Links manager tool “Linkrr”

Ashish Sukralia is a dynamic entrepreneur, SEO specialist, and well-established social media expert. He has so far created 100+ tools for the growth and development of online businesses and for helping individuals. Being from a tech background, he works with top startups and companies, allowing them to grow digitally through his tried and tested methods. 

About Ashish Sukralia 

Ashish Sukralia was born in the small town of UP. Belonging from a middle-class family, he has seen all middle-class crises. He was an average guy in school who was not sure about his future. After the 12th, he heads towards Kota for his IIT preparation but soon realizes it’s not his cup of tea. 

He starts working on his passion for exploring “Ethical Hacking.” He then created a page on Instagram, and soon his page got filled with many DMs about Ethical Hacking. He realizes the difficulty of managing various social sites and projects. After this, he started working on this project and created the Linkrr all-in-one link manager tool. 

Why did he introduce Linkrr? 

He has to share three links, but Instagram allows only one. From here, he got the idea of creating the Linkrr tool.

He realizes that, like him, there are millions of creators, and they might be suffering from the same problem. He did some research and found that there are a couple of tools that can help but are insanely expensive. So he decided to create his perfect tool, “,” which will be helpful for millions of other content creators at an affordable price. He purchased the domain and featured with every possible feature. 

Hence now “Linkrr” is the best in the market. 

Introduction of Linkrr 

Linkrr is a tool that manages all the links in one place and in a user-friendly manner.

In today’s situation, we have many social media apps for presenting your talents, such as telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Linkedin. Thus Linkrr provides us with a single platform where they share all your a single link. This makes the views more involved and is very eye-catching. 

The more things are made accessible for the viewers, the more they are involved and will follow and adore you and your ideas. 

Linkrr worked as the best management solutions for influencers or enterprises. Many companies are formally taking the initiative of using Linkrr in their business model. 

Ashish Sukralia has not stopped himself here only. He also runs an Ed-tech startup named as EduYear Education. This application teaches people online computer programming languages and makes them more skilled. 

Ashish Sukralia is an impression of many more youngsters to not to lose hope and keep trying until they achieve what you want. You will have to go through a tough time and failures, but focusing on your goals will eventually make it happen.

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