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Ashdon Golf Launches New Website, Unveils Revolutionary “Most Forgiving Putters”


[San Diego, May 4th, 2023] – Ashdon Golf, founded by PGA Professional Ronnie Pritchett, is excited to announce the launch of their new website, dedicated to showcasing the groundbreaking innovation they’ve brought to the world of golf putters. Introducing the “Most Forgiving Putter”, Ashdon Golf has taken the science of putting to the next level by incorporating unique geometric design principles that enhance putter stability and performance.

Unlike other putters on the market that focus primarily on cosmetic changes, Ashdon putters feature a wider connection on top of the putter head, drawing inspiration from the strength and stability of triangles and circles found in bridge construction. This innovative design stabilizes the putting stroke and results in a remarkably balanced putter.

These “Most Forgiving Putters” also boast a shaft perfectly aligned with the center of the middle section. This precise connection, coupled with the shaft alignment, effectively eliminates twisting and turning when hitting the golf ball. The unique design of the Ashdon putter increases the sweet spot by an astounding 87% more than any other putter, according to engineers in the field.

Ashdon putters come in two series: The Bermuda Triangle and Round-A-Bout series.

The two-leg connection on the Bermuda Triangle putters allows for better performance on “miss hits”. When a ball is struck by the putter and is hit off-center, the Bermuda Triangle putter allows for a better hit than a standard putter with only one connection because there is less vibration and twisting and more mass behind the off-center hits. This allows for better distance and roll which makes the ball travel better when miss hit, thus stopping nearer the hole.

A very unique quality of the Round-A-Bout putters is that the circle is the exact same size of the golf ball, 1.68 inches, and has a line directly above the circle. This allots the golfer the ability to line up his ball in the middle of the putter so there are no ‘miss hits’. It also produces a much smoother roll on the ball (no hop, skip, or jump).

The Round-A-Bout™ G-360 putter was named the #1 putter in the country by Rankmark in 2007.

Both designs stop torque during the backswing, significantly improving a golfer’s chances of making the putt. With better balance, a larger sweet spot, and no twisting and turning during the backswing, Ashdon Golf has truly created the perfect putter.

By embracing the engineering principles behind these putters, you’ll see why Ashdon Putters are not just an innovation, but the logical choice for improving your game.

Golfers everywhere are encouraged to visit Ashdon Golf’s new website to explore the innovation behind the “Most Forgiving Putters” and experience the unparalleled balance and performance that can elevate their game.

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About Ashdon Golf:

Founded by PGA Professional Ronnie Pritchett, Ashdon Golf is committed to revolutionizing the golf industry with its innovative putter designs. By incorporating geometric design principles and engineering expertise, Ashdon Golf has created a putter that offers golfers an unmatched level of balance, stability, and performance.

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