As Artificial Intelligence Reshapes Investing, InQubeta (QUBE) Set to Outperform Cardano (ADA)

InQubeta (QUBE)

The InQubeta (QUBE) project is reshaping how investing works by making opportunities more accessible for those without Silicon-Valley-Type connections while helping to direct capital to artificial intelligence (AI) startups that need funding to innovate. 

The Cardano (ADA) project has struggled since its prices bottomed out after the 2022 cryptocurrency market crash, leaving its tokens undervalued. Cardano has enjoyed some growth in recent weeks as cryptocurrency markets turn bullish, but it has a long way to go to return to 2022 highs. 

InQubeta’s presale has exceeded all expectations so far, selling over $1.5 million in tokens early in the event. The price increases that occur at each of the event’s ten stages positions investors who got in early to 4x the value of their holdings by the time it ends. Investors who get in now can still grow their capital by 300% before the presale ends. 

InQubeta’s (QUBE) solution-based approach reshaping mainstream and cryptocurrency investing

Traditional investing avenues aren’t the most welcoming establishments. Many have unreasonable standards that prevent potential investors from using their services, while others only provide access to those who move in elite circles. Many of these entities also have unreasonable trading fees that eat up any profits made by investors who don’t have huge bankrolls. 

The InQubeta project provides a solution that skirts the obstacles that make countless mainstream investment firms inaccessible and inefficient for many. It harnesses the power of non-fungible tokens, blockchain tech, and smart contracts to create a secure, transparent, and more accessible investment process anyone with a crypto wallet can use to obtain partial ownership of AI startups that might end up causing massive changes worldwide. 

President Joe Biden has already predicted AI will cause more disruption in the next decade than any other technology has in over 50 years and tech guru Bill Gates expects AI to start shaking up industries in as little as three years. 

With change comes once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities that can earn investors exponential profits. That was the case for the internet and other tech revolutions like the development of cryptocurrencies. AI will also create opportunities to earn massive returns and platforms like InQubeta make such opportunities more accessible. 

Investing in AI through InQubeta

The InQubeta ecosystem is for people looking for easier-to-access ways to invest in AI, those looking to earn profits from a cryptocurrency that has Bitcoin’s growth potential, and those who prefer the decentralized nature of blockchain transactions. 

Companies that need funding make divisible equity-based NFTs on the blockchain and have them posted on the marketplace once reviewed by the InQubeta team. Investors can purchase any tokens made by companies they think have bright futures with $QUBE tokens. They become part owners of their operations while the companies get the capital they need to move their projects forward. 

As is the case with many other cryptocurrency projects, InQubeta also rewards investors who choose to stake their holdings to help manage the blockchain by sending out rewards periodically. 

Cardano (ADA) finally shows some signs of life

2023 has been a frustrating year for Cardano investors as its prices have remained stagnant for the most part even while other tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) enjoy significant growth. Cardano positions itself as an Ethereum competitor and many consider its ecosystem more efficient than Ethereum, despite not having comparable popularity. 

Cardano prices have to grow by over 7x to reclaim previous highs, but even that isn’t comparable to InQubeta’s 50x growth predictions for 2023.


The InQubeta project has emerged as one of the biggest stars in the crypto world, putting investors in place to earn 4x profits during its presale alone. Current price projections have $QUBE prices rising exponentially after its launch thanks to a small token supply and tokens being currently undervalued.  

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