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Artist Deborah Blum Brings Us The Hotel Hound

Artist Deborah Blum

The story starts in the lobby of the world famous Beverly Hills Hotel.  A brunette, wearing a Dior suit, approaches the Front Desk. By her side is a well-behaved dachshund. Both the lady and her dog are looking forward to a few days of relaxation in the Southern California sun. And so begins the fun.

Set against the backdrop of California’s most iconic hotel, artist Deborah Blum has created a character and a visual story that is appealing to children and adults, alike. The story centers on the antics of a mischievous dog who is not content to stay within the confines of his hotel room.  Once his owner tells him to be a “good boy” while she’s out, and closes the door behind her, the Hound is determined to escape. A visit from housekeeping gives him that opportunity and while the room is being tidied up, he slips out the door. Soon the hound is exploring the hotel’s shops and the restaurants, sunbathing by the pool, and enjoying the scene at the Polo Lounge.

In a series of illustrations, a classic has been born. Blum’s drawings do for the landmark Beverly Hills Hotel what Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline books did for Paris of the 1940s.

For the last three decades, Deborah Blum’s has worked in the film business, selling ideas for feature films, and writing and directing television documentaries. Many of her shows have aired on Discovery and the History Channel. Filmmaking has sharpened her eye for detail, and enabled her to structure stories that follow a dramatic arc. As an artist, she knows how to evoke emotions that capture time and place. Lately she’s experimented in a new medium: Ipad drawings. 

 According to Blum, “An Ipad is exciting because it’s the most direct route from what I’m feeling to the blank canvas. The movement of the stylus across the screen is magical; it’s as though I’m just a conduit and the images are flowing through me.” 

Blum’s digital files can be reproduced as giclee prints on fine art paper. They have been released in limited editions, all signed by the artist. Images are also available in a series of twelve, displayed in a Calendar.

Blum’s style is impressionistic, and her drawings capture the buoyant spirit of a dog who just wants to have fun. To view the Hound on his antic exploration of the Beverly Hills Hotel, visit

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