Arsalan Malik – The Trend Setter

Arsalan Malik born in Alaska is a trendsetter in Entertainment Industry. At a very tender age, he along with his brother Salman Malik started a Film Production Company named Bizzay at Anchorage in Alaska. Creating films as children and ultimately leading to developing a full-fledged crew in their home town. The major partners in this esteemed Film production company. Although the fledgling Film Production company got a business licence and was launched in November 2016, the company is engaged in content since 2008 which is their major USP. Buoyed by the film tax credits of 2008, and fueled artistically by endless scenery and a wealth of creative people, and Alaska filmmaking renaissance seemed inevitable.

Even after the tax credits were phased out in 2015, a determined group of artists continued to produce work and usually premiere the fruits of their labour at the Alaska Experience Theater.

Initially, Arsalan Malik along with other friends commenced producing promotional videos for their customers that included clubs and teams as well. Though the production of promotional videos required passionate work and dedicated effort, the much-awaited satisfaction was still missing at that point in time. Arsalan and his friends were also active on several public platforms, but that were not giving them satisfaction. One of the reasons may be that the video or film production was not taken as a career and it was just a side work that solicited the right decision This gap motivated Arsalan to learn from his past experience. He took 360 degrees turn and started working for a debut feature film under the banner of his film production house- Bizzay.

Their films deliver a strong social message. The par excellence direction and editing of the films keep their audiences spellbound. Their films are appreciated by the audiences and critics both. Bizzay has inspired multiple people within the local city. Their company has changed their lives of their own.
The company has helped the friends.
“When working with people who you grow up with, the chemistry of creating art with your best friends is one of the best things ever. I grew up making art with my friends, I’ll never forget it.”
Arsalan Malik innovative approach and dedicated work is creating wonders in Entertainment history and positioning the Film Production Company ’Bizzay’ as a major brand.

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