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Arora Announces Dates for Presale Stages as the Platform Aims To Impress

The Arora team has announced the dates for the different presale phases, with the first one taking place from 14th till 18th November and the second one scheduled for 19th till 23rd November. Usually, presales are important because they help customers understand how a product or service can meet their specific business needs. Businesses can thus make sure that clients receive the most accurate information by improving communication at the start of the sales process.

What’s so special about Arora?

By investing in this project, users are actually getting involved in more than just a typical cryptocurrency because it gives them access to the overall ecosystem, which includes numerous projects such as social networking solutions, corporate applications, staking, and even exchange facilities where customers can profit by trading ARORA along with various other major coins.

Furthermore, applications for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have been submitted and marketing plans are still in the works. Meanwhile, intensive social media marketing efforts will continue and the pre as well as post-launch marketing agreements shall be maintained. The team has funds available for future marketing plans too. Following the launch of these funds, they will reveal their wallet addresses for investors to follow. Moreover, the developers have three wallet addresses which are locked in PinkSale, which is a launchpad protocol designed to help users quickly and seamlessly create their own tokens as well as token sales. PinkSale tokens are also verified and published on explorer websites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

What else is there to know?

The team consists of Hector VIEV, the founder, Lisette Mia, the marketing leader, and Sherlock Clark, the technical team leader. The team is also split between the Netherlands and the United States and many members hold degrees from prestigious universities like the University of Minnesota, the University of Singapore, and Harvard University. Senior programmers, blockchain experts, DeFi application experts, Python language specialists, along with numerous experts who have worked at the IBM Computer research center, all make up the technical team in order to have a comprehensive collection of individuals with plenty of relevant experience.

Apart from already doing some groundbreaking work in the field of integrating blockchain technology into the world, future goals include working on bridging the different networks, the NFT marketplace launch, technical testing (which is scheduled for the final quarter of this year), and much more to come.

What is Arora?

The ARORA Token is designed to be far more than a simple cryptocurrency; it is a portal to a new futuristic world in which it will be at the heart of several evolutionary projects that would alter many aspects of how contemporary societies function. This token will hence serve as the ticket to a profitable investment and a way to participate in burgeoning projects such as those linked with blockchain technology as well as Arordex, Arorsale, the aforementioned NFT marketplace, and so much more. The team is also constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience in commonly used platforms and transform them into something truly unique. To that end, the Arora ecosystem will serve as a viable one-stop location where the most cutting-edge and useful services and features can be easily accessed and users can seamlessly participate in the upcoming Web3 era.

For more information, check out the official website as well as the Twitter and Telegram channels.

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