Arker NFT Game Introduces Cryptocurrency Rewards to Its Gaming Ecosystem

Arker: The legend of Ohm has brought gaming to a whole new level by rewarding its players in cryptocurrency. The NFT game, also called play-to-earn games, allows regular users to earn crypto and trade them for real money. The players must recruit heroes of different classes to assist them in their fight for the city of Ohm. Consequently, they increase the loot of Arker, a mineral of great value. Players entertain themselves while making money with crypto in-game.

The players can win by fighting against other players, thus earning tokens. Playing PVE can earn you rewards on items. You can trade the products in the marketplace. You can also win by competing in the guild war, holding special events, and performing daily missions. 

Depending on the rules of each game, the players sell their NFTs for profit. They could also opt to accumulate NFT’s until they yield crypto rewards from the game while still having their assets. Arker plans to revolutionize crypto gaming by adding content for professional gamers.

How does Arker Win?

Arker has two tokens on Binance Smart Chain as BEP-20:

The first, ARKER token, is used for DAO. Each TX has an integrated fee of 5%. 75% goes to liquidity, and the firm keeps 25% in the marketing treasury.

FoA, the second token, is the in-game currency and represents rewards, in-game items, and more. When a player makes an in-game purchase with FoA, 85% of the value goes to the game pool. Lastly, the platform burns the remaining 15%.

NFT Gaming

Presently, the crypto market is observing significant developments. The NFT gaming vibe has also evolved over the years. It is inherently fun and made 100x better by how users can use NFTs in the game’s ecosystem. The user base is developing fast, and so is the interest in virtual games and decentralized assets. When all of this comes together, it makes the perfect catalyst for the adoption of NFT gaming. Arker and other such games in this space are enchanting. Reports note that the market cap of NFTs is over $11 billion.

About Arker

Arker: The legend of Ohm is the first free multiplayer online strategy game that compensates its players with digital assets. If you want to understand Arker, begin with the game itself. Playing it will broaden your understanding of its value as a game. Arker for Android and iOS can be downloaded from the official app store and through the Steam platform. For more details, please visit their website, Twitter and Telegram.


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