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ARKcoin Review – 7 Reasons Why It’s a Great Choice For Day Traders

ARKcoin – 7 Reasons Why It’s a Great Choice For Day Traders

When it comes to online brokerages and trading platforms, a day trader’s preferences are likely to be drastically different from an investor’s. Day traders, to whom trading is an active business, require platforms and brokerages with all the necessary tools, proper speed, features, and flexibility to execute complex trading strategies. Investors, with significantly lower trading frequencies compared to day traders, are not as demanding when it comes to their online brokerages.

However, there are a few like ARKcoin, which are a smart choice for both day traders and investors.

7 Reasons Why ARKcoin Is Ideal For Day Traders

A platform that’s well-suited to the needs of a day trader is likely to be acceptable for an investor as well since the latter need less functionality and platform strength compared to the former. So understanding why ARKcoin is a good choice for day traders can also be useful for investors.

Reason # 1: Plenty Of Options

ARKcoin offers access to the stocks, i.e., which is the standard asset class for most traders. But it also allows you to trade options and, to a limited extent, futures as well. You also have access to mutual funds and ETFs, so you can create a more complex portfolio and anchor it with stable/safer assets during market headwinds.

Reason # 2: Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is, well, minimum. The amount is a bit below the average, but that’s enough incentives for more day traders to give it a try. A smaller amount is also easier to maintain and is ideal for day traders that might also have their capital tied to other assets (like crypto) via other brokers with their own account minimums.

Reason # 3: Competitive Futures And Options Fee

The commission/fees for options and futures are more than just competitive; it’s quite low compared to the market average. This is quite useful for traders that execute a significant number of options contracts every day. It’s also beneficial for day traders that use options as their safety nets and in varying levels of hedging strategies (from simple to sophisticated).

Reason # 4: Rich With Features

Perhaps the strongest point in ARKcoin, which makes it ideal for day traders, is the wealth of options it offers. Its range of features is one of the most extensive, especially in its price point. The wealth of features also makes it a good choice for a wide variety of traders, each with their own preferences.

Reason # 5: Great Scanners And Analytical Tools

ARKcoin comes with a great scanner, with more than just the standard features. The scanner allows you to find niche trades based on almost any criteria you can set and find the ideal trade based on your parameters. The analytical tools and technical analysis prowess of ARKcoin are also top of the line. Regardless of whether you are purely a day trader, a momentum trader, or even a swing trader,  you can execute complex trading strategies using the platform.

Reason # 6: Advanced Functionality

Unlike most rudimentary day-trading tools at this price point, ARKcoin offers complex and advanced functionality like ladder trading. This allows seasoned day traders to limit their losses and spread out their price exposure, offering a higher degree of control, especially in uncertain markets.

Reason # 7: Customer Service

Many day traders don’t realize how important good customer service is when it comes to their online brokerages until they have to use it for the first time. ARKcoin has invested a decent amount in the training of its personnel, and the customer service is not just prompt; it’s very knowledgeable.

Final Words

ARKcoin is beloved by day traders for several other reasons as well. It offers exceptional short-selling features and ensures the availability of a wealth of information and trading data for day traders. The platform is quick, doesn’t lag, the information is quickly updated, and most importantly, it can be curated as per the personalization preferences of the day trader. The ARKcoin features are quite generous, especially if you consider its fees and pricing. It’s a powerful tool for investors and day traders alike, but it’s especially suited for the latter.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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