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Arkadiy Mutavchi: Bio and Professional Accomplishments of Tacticum Investments Shareholder

Arkadiy Mutavchi

Mutavchi Arkadiy is a businessman with extensive investment experience spanning 30 years, a shareholder of the international company Tacticum Investments S.A. and founder of the Tacticum group.

Childhood and teen years

Arkadiy Mutavchi was born on January 2, 1970 in Ungheni. It is a very small town in Moldavia on the Prut River, which delineated the Soviet-Romanian border. The town is famous for its abundance of chestnut trees and one of the longest chestnut alleys on the continent. Arkadiy Mutavchi comes from a family of intelligentsia, and his parents were  lawyers.

Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich started earning money as a teenager. At the age of 14, the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments took a job in a fishery as an apprentice, while still studying at school. After completing secondary education, Mutavchi Arkadiy was called up for compulsory military service and served the mandatory two years in the army.


Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi has two higher degrees and a PhD. Major milestones:

●  Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (2001) – student Arkadiy Mutavchi obtained a higher legal degree.

●  RAPA (2004) – postgraduate student Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich completed his PhD (jurisprudence).. After obtaining a PhD in Law, Mutavchi changed his educational priorities from law to economics.

●  HSE University (2004) – Arkadiy Mutavchi received a re-qualification certificate as an economist.

●  RAPA (2010) – Arkadiy Mutavchi completed his second degree, this time in economics.

Early career

Before becoming a shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A., Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich developed a wide range of practical skills in a variety of business areas. Early career of the entrepreneur:

●  Sijata (1990). After serving in the army, Mutavchi Arkadiy got a managerial job in Sijata, a company founded jointly by the USSR and Hungary. This was a prestigious position that gave Mutavchi the opportunity to learn the intricacies of import and export operations.

●  Safety (1992-1994). In 1992, Mutavchi Arkadiy was able to apply his previously acquired skills in international trade. At Safety, Arkadiy Mutavchi dedicated 2  years to importing German personal protective equipment.

●  Beginning of investment (1994). In 1994, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich divided his attention between business activities and his own financial experiments. Having acquired his own investment account for the first time, Mutavchi Arkadiy plunged into the complex world of finance. At that time, the local securities market was just emerging, but the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments understood its potential.

●  Agricultural Enterprise Rus (1994). In 1994, the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments moved to Moscow, found a business partner, and invested in a plot of land. After legal re-registration and laying of utilities, the entrepreneurs found investors and the land was sold to a company developing  a recreation center. This was the first successful investment made by Mutavchi Arkadiy in the land business. After that, the entrepreneur continued to invest in property.

●  Stalservice (1995). After completing several successful projects, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich attracted the attention of Stalservice, a manufacturer and supplier of drilling rigs and related equipment. Mutavchi was first offered the post of Deputy Director for Legal Affairs and then Director for Commerce. Mutavchi Arkadiy held this position until 1997.

●  Metal-Impex (1997). In 1997, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi continued his career at Metal-Impex, one of the largest corporations in the metallurgical market. Mutavchi was offered the post of Deputy CEO. In this role he supervised the work of tolling schemes with ferroalloys, aluminum, zinc, etc. Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich held this position for a relatively short period of time: a year later the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A. became interested in running his own business. According to Arkadiy Mutavchi himself, despite his decent career achievements and high salary, his number one goal was to own his own business.

Mutavchi Arkadiy as a businessman

Since 1998, the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich, progressed from a company manager to an independent market player. This is how Mutavchi Arkadiy’s career path looks like from 1998 to 2017:

●  Shelda (1998-2000) A company specializing in the sale of rolled metal products, barter and promissory note schemes. The firm’s main clients were property developers. Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich founded the company in 1998 and held the post of CEO until 2000. Eventually Mutavchi received a good offer to sell the business and accepted it.

●  Profintek (2000-2002) Another enterprise established by Mutavchi Arkadiy. The company dealt with petroleum products. It was another success, and in 2002, Mutavchi Arkadiy sold his shares to his business partners, which provided him with a significant chunk of capital that opened up broad opportunities.

●  Kungur (2008-2011) After taking a break to dedicate time to education and science, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich returned to the business world equipped with new knowledge and skills. At the invitation of his former business partners, the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments took the post of Vice President at Kungur, an industry leader in the sale of drilling equipment, including mobile rigs. At that time Kungur had ambitious goals: an IPO, exports to international markets, and the purchase of foreign assets. Mutavchi Arkadiy was to be in charge of all this. Despite the global recession of 2008 and the subsequent rapid overhaul of the company strategy, Mutavchi’s time at Kungur was notable as he gained yet more invaluable entrepreneurial and managerial experience, which proved useful at Tacticum Investments S.A.

Mutavchi Arkadiy as an investor

The future shareholder of Tacticum Investments was already interested in accumulating capital in his school years, and opened an investment account when the local stock market emerged. Throughout his managerial years, Mutavchi was simultaneously involved in investing in a variety of assets, from shares to precious metal coins.

In 2014, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich obtained the status of a so-called qualified investor, which is official recognition as a professional trader. This concept was officially introduced by the 1996 Law on the Securities Market. Qualified investors have access to a wider range of opportunities, as it is supposed that they are aware of all the risks associated with their activities. This new status allowed the entrepreneur to expand his investments.

In 2015, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi bought out Trigrad Management Company from a private individual and became its CEO. The company invested in a wide range of industries, with a preference for sectors with low economic cyclicality, such as healthcare, information technology, and real estate.

After 2017, Mutavchi Arkadiy ended his relationship with Trigrad and embarked on a new project. The culmination of his entrepreneurial journey was Tacticum Group and Tacticum Investments S.A. By now Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi had become a major trader with access to foreign assets and global markets.

Tacticum Investments S.A.

In 2019, Mutavchi Arkadiy took his career to new heights by setting up Tacticum Group so as to take full advantage of his professional status. Arkadiy Mutavchi’s investment strategy included an optimistic outlook in respect of the European stock market, which had been declining in previous years, but there were reasons to believe that the trend could be reversed. In anticipation of the forthcoming upswing, the businessman acquired the Luxembourg company Long Term Investments Luxembourg S.A., which he later renamed Tacticum Investments S.A., similar to the name of his group.

The key assets of Long Term Investments Luxembourg S.A. (later Tacticum Investments S.A.) included a stake in the renowned tire manufacturer Pirelli. Like many EU businesses, Pirelli shares had been going down for several years, and the acquisition of Long Term Investments Luxembourg S.A. fitted into Arkadiy Mutavchi’s optimistic strategy. Unfortunately, his expectations were not realized, the pandemic hit, the share price declined, and finally in 2023 Tacticum Investments chose a right moment to sell the asset.

Today, Arkadiy Mutavchi’s Tacticum Investments S.A. is focused on:

1.  Portfolio investments – purchase and sale of shares to earn on price fluctuations and through dividend income.

2. Direct investments – search, restructuring of various assets, as well as the structuring of complex M&A transactions. Tacticum Investments S.A. does not limit its operations to Europe – the company is also interested in other debt and equity markets,  including the USA, which is the largest in the world.

Tacticum Investments has all the infrastructure for successful investment operations. Arkadiy Mutavchi’s team comprises highly qualified professionals with experience working in major foreign banks, investment and consulting firms.

Family and hobbies

Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi devotes his free time to his family. Together with his wife, they raise three children. Arkadiy Mutavchi’s main hobby is reading; he is interested not only in industry-related books, but also in fiction, as well as in collecting rare editions. Since studying at RAPA, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich has continued his scientific research. He is the author of publications in the field of economics and jurisprudence.

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