Ark Invest Buys $40M Worth Of Its Spot Bitcoin ETF; DTX Presale Records Exciting Whale Activity


  • Bitcoin (BTC) dips 0.10% post-Ark Invest’s Bitcoin ETF purchase.
  • Stage 2 of DTX presale approaches. Token price set to surge by 275%.

The cryptocurrency world witnessed significant strides as Ark Invest allocated a staggering $40 million to its Spot Bitcoin ETF. Simultaneously, DTX Exchange’s (DTX) presale recorded remarkable whale activity, increasing interest among individual investors.

Between Bitcoin (BTC) and DTX, which would be the perfect crypto to buy now? Let’s find out.


ARK Invest’s Bitcoin Gambit: BTC Falls 0.10%

Leading up to Bitcoin’s halving event, ARK Invest, on April 21, 2024, helmed by Cathie Wood, executed a series of transactions signaling its bullish outlook on the cryptocurrency’s future. Notable among these moves was the acquisition of 139,152 units of its proprietary spot Bitcoin ETF, valued at $8.96 million, alongside a substantial $31.19 million purchase the previous day.

Demonstrating a commitment to diversification, ARK also invested approximately $2.78 million in 41,068 ProShares Ether Strategy ETF shares, in addition to $2.9 million worth of shares purchased earlier in April. However, the fund also lightened its portfolio, selling 28,936 ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF shares, totaling around $803,552. These strategic maneuvers, captured analysts’ attention, emphasizing the significance of ARK’s stance on cryptocurrency amidst market anticipation.

In response to this move, Bitcoin (BTC) opened at $64,992.82 and closed at $64,926.64 exhibiting a 0.10% downturn. However, this bearish trajectory is not here to stay because analysts have a positive Bitcoin forecast. They predict that BTC may be valued at $76,853.64 by the end of Q2 2024 exhibiting an 18.37% increase from $64.926.64.

DTX Exchange Pre-Sale Success: Investor Confidence Surges as Market Interest Peaks

Venturing into the bustling territory of digital currencies, DTX Exchange emerges as a contender worth noticing, boasting a range of distinctive attributes that distinguish it in the competitive space. Setting itself apart with unique features tailored to elevate the trading experience and bolster profitability, DTX Exchange (DTX) could be the best crypto for beginners.

Offering an unprecedented 1000X leverage, the platform empowers traders to amplify their positions far beyond conventional exchanges, catering to privacy-conscious individuals and high-risk traders through its non-custodial wallets and absence of KYC requirements.

The initial days of DTX’s public presale witnessed an impressive uptake, with over $100K raised, highlighting robust market interest and investor confidence in its innovative business model and technological infrastructure. Furthermore, DTX’s pioneering use of distributed liquidity pools signals a shift in the dynamics of digital asset trading, amplifying its allure among discerning traders seeking enhanced liquidity and efficiency. As the DTX presale moves into Stage 2, the potential for substantial gains attracts more investors, positioning DTX as an attractive option for both novice and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. With its innovative trading features and strategic liquidity management, DTX offers a promising investment avenue in the dynamic and evolving crypto landscape.

DTX Exchange (DTX) is almost through with its first presale stage, otherwise referred to as ‘First Round’ where more than 80% of its tokens have been sold at $0.02. As Stage 2 approaches, this price is expected to rise to $0.075, signifying a 275% uptick, making DTX a top crypto to buy.

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