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Are Your Email Subscribers Turning Dormant? Let’s Revive the Engagement

Your domain reputation can be at stake, affecting the chances of email landing in the inbox due to underperforming email campaigns. That’s why understanding and addressing the issue is critical. Such occurrences relate to subscribers’ inactivity, which can have different levels of disengagement. Increased bounce rate, no email opening, high unsubscribe percentage, and complaints are a few examples. If you want to renew the interest of your subscribers, devising efficient re-engagement strategies is crucial. It requires segmentation of types of subscribers who check emails and website content but have never been your customers or transacted with you earlier but didn’t interact with your emails or site recently, etc.

How do you get them to become active again? A home care marketing agency can help. They go deep inside the problem to find a proper solution. You can expect them first to create different audience-based segments concerning their interests, demographics, and other relevant parameters discussed above. After this, an expert marketing agency takes more steps. Let’s get some idea about them.

  • Targeted emails

Subscribers can gain interest in relevant or personalized email matters. Segmentation allows for creating suitable email sequences for each audience type to tap into their interests. Suppose someone has been your customer. That specific individual is a low-hanging fruit. You can get them back by displaying products of their liking based on their previous purchase record. It’s just one example, though. This strategy can work even for a software or recruitment company. 

  • Discounts/ Incentives

Promoting special offers or discount codes can attract shoppers’ attention. For instance, email messages like free shipping or a 10% discount can trigger activity. These can work best with new subscribers yet to engage with your brand. If you want to enhance brand awareness, providing access to different resources like eBooks, checklists, learning items, and others free of cost can help.

  • Content and sequence of emails

Drop in subscriber engagement can also result from ineffective email content. Usually, too much focus on sales spoils the entire effort, even though the ideal scenario is they purchase your products or services. Subscribers get annoyed sometimes because of the brutal sell tactics. You can eliminate this risk by taking an 80/20 approach. 80% of the content should be informative and engaging. You can use free resources, webinar invites, blog posts, etc. And the remaining portion can touch sales. It is a safe way to nurture relationships with your customers and persuade them to buy. 

No matter the subscribers’ inactivity or loss of interest in your brand, there are ways to draw their attention. However, it demands analysis of the main problem and addressing the concern. If you feel this is time-consuming, but there is merit in running such marketing campaigns, talk to an agency with knowledge, tools, and experience. Their detailed approach will cover every point and help win customers or subscribers on the verge of total disappearance. Since every single user matters, you cannot afford to ignore them. Re-engagement strategies can be the ultimate savior for your business’s growth. Know about Bioma Reviews.

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