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Are You Searching For Reliable Fleas Control Services?

We understand the fleas are very annoying! Sometimes it is difficult to eliminate them with home remedies. If you are facing such an issue, we are ready to help you! Our fleas removal Melbourne experts are equipped with advanced tools and certified products to offer safe and eco-friendly pest treatments. Whether you are looking for a pest inspection or one-time flea removal services, we are just one call away! Our 24/7 specialist teams are ready to provide same-day service even in the remote areas of Melbourne. Do you need reliable and effective flea control services? Call us to book an appointment.

Key Messages

  • Fleas can be a significant problem for household pets.
  • The cat flea is the most common species, and it attacks dogs, cats, and humans.
  • The flea life cycle can be disrupted with proper pest control methods.
  • Rodents carry fleas, so professionals recommend rodent and flea treatments for long-lasting results.

Fleas are tiny, wingless, external parasites that range from 2mm-4mm with dark brown color and oval-shaped bodies. They have six legs and a pair of powerful hind legs for jumping. Do you know that they can jump more than 100 times their body length? The small antennas in their mouth pierce the skin to suck blood from humans and animals. Some species of fleas feed on only one host species in their lifetime, while others survive on several hosts.

Fleas are known for transmitting tapeworm larvae and spreading typhus diseases through flea-fecal contamination. They also transmit bubonic plague from rodents to humans. So you must get rid of this issue if you find any sign of flea infestations on your premises.

Identify the Species of Fleas on Your Premises

  • Cat fleas attack dogs, humans, and other mammals. It is the most dangerous species because they help to transfer bubonic plague.
  • Dog fleas are less common in Australia, but they are very similar to cat fleas. They also attack mammals.
  • Human fleas are rare because this species can be removed with improved hygiene standards.

4 Forms of Fleas’ Life Cycle

Fleas do not have a fixed life cycle; it depends on the humidity, temperature, and availability of food and shelter. Generally, they take up to two weeks to complete their life cycle.


An adult female lays eight eggs in a cluster on the host animal. These are oval-shaped and light-colored that take around two weeks to hatch into larvae.


Larvas are small worms that are around 3 mm long and take several months to develop into pupae. They begin to weave into a cocoon and become pupas inside the shield.


Pupae grow into adults inside the cocoon and do not leave the place until they find a host. It takes around 14 days to turn into a pupa from an egg.


Adult fleas also remain in the cocoon until they sense vibration or heat, noise, and carbon dioxide. These senses indicate that they find a host to survive, so they leave the cocoon after turning into an adult.

What are the Symptoms of Flea Bites?

Symptoms of flea bites include:

  • Extreme redness and itchiness around the bite site.
  • Swollen lump develops in the itchy spot.
  • There can be a small wound after one day of being bitten.
  • The wounds can be around the legs and feet of humans.
  • There is a risk of secondary infections after scratching the site.

Tips to Keep Your Premises Fleas Free

Maintaining standard hygiene is the primary method of covering flea issues. Besides that, you have to vacuum all the hard floor furniture and clean them properly to get rid of pest attacks on your premises. You can follow these home remedies to make long-lasting pest protection without advanced treatment.

  • We often find fleas in pets’ areas because fleas find easier hosts in these areas, so you should clean these areas with sanitizers and vacuum the pet bedding thoroughly.
  • Besides that, you have to clean debris and waste outside of your premises to prevent rodents and cockroaches, which attract fleas.
  • Use fly screens and nets in doors and windows to keep fleas from coming back.
  • Use natural herbs and safe pesticides on your premises to remove fleas effectively.

All these steps look simple, but you need to be consistent to make them long-lasting. Otherwise, you can consult with an expert for advanced flea pest control in Melbourne.

Professional Fleas Control Methods

Safe Chemical Treatment

There are numerous chemical pesticides in the market, which claim to be effective against fleas, but only a few of them are effective against such pests. Our professionals use certified products for safe pest removal, which are also safe for your pets and kids. If you are interested to learn more about our products and services, please consult our experts.

Effective flea control depends on appropriate applications of pesticides, which also include non-chemical treatments, natural baits, and traps for long-term results.

Experts Monitoring

Our members offer personalized solutions and train clients to prevent future pest issues. After the proper treatment, our senior members also solve all the doubts of our clients. If necessary, we also offer post-service maintenance and regular inspection for residential and commercial premises in Melbourne. For this, we consider the following factors:

  • Safe and certified products for safe flea removal.
  • Vacate the room before the pest treatment.
  • Describe the process to the clients so that we can offer transparent service.
  • Ensure all the toys, furniture, and personal belongings are safe during the process.

As a part of our eco-friendly treatment, we rely on the following methods. However, there are hundreds of ways to deal with similar issues. The final process depends on the severity of the damage, the level of infestation, and the client’s requirements.

Surface Sprays

We apply such sprays in the surface areas where fleas lay eggs and start their life cycle. We target the breeding grounds because they multiply in number quickly, so it is essential to eliminate them as early as possible.

Space Sprays

We apply these sprays in hard-to-reach areas such as corners of a floor, ceiling, roof, backside of furniture, cracks, holes, and crevices to eliminate fleas from your premises. It is an essential step to make the treatment long-lasting because fleas live near humans and find a host quickly.


It is not a common method, but effective against severe issues. You should not apply this method without the assistance of an expert because it is risky! Excessive use can be extremely harmful to pets’ health. Dust is not applicable on the surface, but it spreads by airflow and vibration, which is risky for pest controllers. However, our Pest Control Melbourne specialists use proper equipment and preventive measures before conducting such activities.

Treat Your Garden

Sometimes outdoor fleas enter your premises through cracks and holes, so you need to keep your garden clean. Trim the lawns and trees at least once a month to avoid such issues inside your rooms.

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Natural Pest Control Melbourne, we do not believe in an all-in-one solution. That is why we use the pest-specific treatment after a thorough assessment. If you are facing issues in and around Melbourne, please feel free to rely on our experts for the best result. Customers rely on us for the following reasons:

  • Certified and experienced professionals in a wide range of pest control services.
  • State-of-the-art technologies and safe products for pest treatments.
  • Experts are available 24/7 for immediate assistance.
  • Same-day service after a confirmed booking.
  • Affordable pest control services for residential and commercial clients.

Call us for Effective Flea Pest Control in Melbourne

Do you need an emergency flea control service in Melbourne? We provide services even in remote areas. Please call us and book an express appointment.

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