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Are You Ready to Change the Way You Hire

2023 is around the corner. Here are the hiring trends on the horizon you need to be aware of to meet your hiring targets for the new year.

Use Tech to Move Quickly

2023 is around the corner. Here are the hiring trends on the horizon you need to be aware of to meet your hiring targets for the new year.

; some recruiters report that some top applicants are contacted and scheduled for a same-day interview within an hour of submitting their application. If you can’t move that fast, you’re already behind. If you’ve been hesitating to digitize and streamline your process, it’s time to stop procrastinating and take action. 

Using tech at every step of the process makes things smoother and easier for you and the candidate. A streamlined applicant tracking system (ATS) complete with AI that evaluates candidates and provides analytics without bias can be a game changer for organizations needing to process high volumes of applicants. In addition, extras like ATS integrations from professional background check services that eliminate redundancies, make compliance automatic, and allow access from any device will speed up your process considerably.

Develop Your Brand

More competition also means that your brand needs to carry a significant part of the recruiting burden. You need to sell your company to potential applicants in order to attract attention and stand out from the crowd. 

Perks and Benefits

Make sure the perks and benefits you offer are attractive and recognizable. If you offer flexible work arrangements, make sure every applicant knows that. If you have wellness packages, rec rooms, or generous sick leave policies, that info needs to be front and center. And you might need to update your benefits; make sure your business is on trend with the things employees are looking for today. 

Tell a Story

Job seekers appreciate a story. They want to know what your company looks like inside and out and whether or not they’ll be a good fit. What are your values? What’s your culture? The better you can communicate who you are and what you stand for, the more attractive you’ll be to the right people. 

Focus on Retention

Recruiting isn’t going to get any easier. The best way to avoid the high costs of recruiting and onboarding is to keep the folks you already have. Unhappy, unengaged people are going to move on. 

  • Internal mobility. Cultivate a culture of internal horizontal and upward mobility. The ability to change jobs and learn new skills within the same company is a huge win for employees who want to gain experience and stay challenged. 
  • Development. Every employee benefits from learning and practicing basic skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity, problem solving, building relationships, and flexibility. Make developing these skills part of your workplace culture; everyone will benefit and your team will be poised to take on new challenges as they arise. 
  • Be flexible. The wellbeing of your team is paramount; cultivating a culture of wellbeing requires you to be flexible and responsive to your teams’ needs. 

Are you ready for 2023?

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