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Are You In The Market For A New Hedge Fund?

A hedge fund words to pool money from investors to buy other investments or securities. For this to be profitable for you, you need guidance to do it. You want to know that your money is safe and is going to the right places, and while a hedge fund can be a riskier type of investment, the best hedge funds out there are the time-tested machines in the market. So when you speak to the experts at Caravel Capital, you are on the right track.

 Working with two veteran hedge fund managers, you will be able to combine experience, discretion, and expertise with a thirst for performance. With a combined fifty years of market-neutral investing, this is a firm that focuses on the preservation of capital and outperforms in the hedge fund industry.

Above Market Returns – Below Market Risk

The goal for the partners is excellence, and they make that commitment to every partner that comes to the website. With a track record of patience, discipline, knowledge, and experience, you can believe that you will get the best support when you speak to Caravel Capital. When you lodge your money in a hedge fund, you look for high quality that produces direct results with low volatility.

There is no secret, no cold fusion—the Caravel Capital Investing Partner’s benefits directly from the principles put forward by the founders. You are protected and preserved with high-quality results as the outcome. All of our employees reinvest a minimum of 50% of their performance into the fund. We mandate that the combined investment is always the most significant single investment in the fund. We will always work to ensure a minimum of 20% of the assets under management. We will notify all of our partners of investments and redemptions every month; we never invest in a company that doesn’t disclose insider transactions.

This enables us to maintain our above-market return with a risk profile that’s maintained below market.

How We Help

At Caravel Capital, we believe in working with others to ensure that you get the best possible service. We work with a prime broker, a bundled group of services that financial institutions and investment banks offer hedge funds and other large investment clients who need to borrow to achieve max returns. We use these services to include securities lending and leveraged trade execution.

We also work with an outsourced fund administrator to protect your interests as an investor and an auditor to ensure our accounting practices are looked after. At Caravel Capital, we employ controls exclusive to our Caravel Cad Fund. We believe that the best way to preserve your wealth is to forgo the lure of fee generation. This is the difference that we make to our investment partners, and we believe that service is more important than anything else that can be offered.

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