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Are you committing one of these Digital Marketing Mistakes?

The Covid Pandemic has made significant changes in the manner in which we look at businesses. The word “online” has become more important than ever before. We now have “online work”, “online shopping”, “online schooling”, “online trading” and even “online medical assistance”. Naturally, the popularity of the online marketplace has soared, and how! Not having a brick-and-mortar outlet is acceptable! Not having a website is not! It is the age of digital marketing and online publicity. 

So are you doing enough for a robust digital marketing strategy? Have you engaged a Long Island marketing agency that put your best foot forward? We take a look at some of the gross digital marketing mistakes to avoid. 

Are you committing these Internet Marketing Flaws?

Not Having a Blog: Digital marketing is not about marketing your business alone, it is about marketing yourself as a business leader. Therefore, publishing informative articles on your blog will establish your voice as a dependable source of information. Plan your content carefully. Optimize by inserting popular keywords? Creating a blog alone will not help, however. You need to create an interactive blog. Pen down logical questions in the comments section for extracting responses from readers. Include influencers in your blog by attaching guest posts. 

Giving Social Media a Miss: When you engage an “SEO company near me”, the specialist will advise you that you can’t get away with avoiding social media. You might not be privy to social media presence; however, it is a very powerful medium for reaching out to a wide audience base and engaging with relevant customers for promoting your business. However, trying to do this alone is a mistake. You will need a social media marketing consultant for help. 

Being Ignorant about Promotions and Discounts: Remember, purchases are hugely driven by discounts and promotions, in today’s online marketplace. Having offers for limited periods or inserting online coupons with codes are best for your promotions. Put them on the landing page or at the point where buyers tend to discard their cart selections. These can push the customer across the fence, quite successfully. Have a “Call to Action” button that has been empowered with an incentivized promotion. 

Not Paying Attention to Social Proofs: As your internet marketing specialist will tell you, ignoring social proofs is a bad idea. With the crowded marketplace making so much noise, using customer feedback and reviews are a great way to establish credibility and cut the clutter and noise. Never ignore these. 

Ignoring Keywords and Phrases: Not paying attention to keywords and phrases is a major mistake. You need to engage a specialist for search engine optimization in Huntington, NY to help you improve your search engine rankings. Remember, Google algorithms keep changing with time. You will need to keep up with the trends with the help of professional assistance. 

Digital marketing is an ongoing process. Reviewing the current strategies from time to time is necessary!


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