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Are You a Victim of a Crypto/Forex Scam? Recover Your Funds with Aberdeen Dyce Lp

Cyber theft is very common in the modern world. As most people perform financial operations on the Internet, cyber scammers cannot miss the opportunity. Forex trading and cryptocurrency usage are very popular now, and these are the fields that suffer the most from online scammers. It is especially difficult to track transactions and deal with thieves if a victim uses cryptocurrency. This is why the right course of action when losing money online is to contact a professional recovery service. A crypto recovery service deals with different cases of cryptocurrency theft and helps victims retrieve their funds. In this article, you will learn more about financial recovery services and get helpful tips on how to deal with scammers online.

What Is Aberdeen Dyce Lp?

Aberdeen Dyce Lp is a money recovery company that helps with crypto assets recovery and other money-related activities, like Forex investing. Aberdeen Dyce Lp has been working in this field for more than 15 years now and offers unparalleled expertise in digital money recovery. Here are the services you can get at Aberdeen Dyce Lp:

  • Money recovery. You can retrieve funds lost to online fraud, whether it is fiat money or digital tokens. There are many financial schemes popular online, and the service can assist you with any case;
  • Safe investments. You can receive professional investment advice to make informed business decisions. People often lose money due to investment scams, and here you can learn about reliable investors;
  • Assessment of money theft claims. The service provides individual attention to each client and their claims, assessing them thoroughly and finding the most suitable strategy for recovering lost funds;
  • Intelligence usage. Aberdeen Dyce Lp works on intelligence gathering, and the information they get is used in resolving money theft claims from clients. Intelligence is also helpful in determining fraudulent investment schemes and brokers.

The Process of Recovery

After contacting Aberdeen Dyce Lp, the client has to go through three main stages. Here is how it works:

  1. Assessing the case. After a client leaves a money theft report on the website, the specialists start assessing the case thoroughly to determine the probability of money recovery. After that, they inform the client about the chances of retrieving stolen cryptocurrency or fiat money;
  2. Creating a plan. The service is among the best funds recovery companies. Their unique plans are tailor-made for every case. As all cyber theft claims are different, it is important to find a unique approach to each one to solve them efficiently;
  3. Executing the plan. After Aberdeen Dyce Lp chooses a perfect strategy for a specific case, they execute the plan step by step to recover the client’s money. They keep the clients updated along the way, as the company values transparency on all stages.

If you have any doubts about traders or financial services online or you have already fallen a victim of crypto theft, make sure to contact Aberdeen Dyce Lp to receive competent help.

Application Process for Money Recovery Services

It is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with online scammers as they always come up with new ways of stealing digital money. If you have had an unpleasant experience with cyber thieves, make sure to report it to Aberdeen Dyce Lp. Here is what you need to do:

  • Visit the official Aberdeen Dyce Lp website;
  • Find the consultation form on the main page;
  • Fill in the form, providing all required info, such as your name, email, phone number, country, and the type of fraud you were a victim of;
  • In the empty field, describe your case in detail. Make sure to include all the information you have to increase the chances of finding scammers and returning your funds;
  • Send the report to Aberdeen Dyce Lp.

After submitting your report, wait for a manager to contact you. The specialists will access your claim as soon as possible, and you will receive regular feedback on all stages of searching for your crypto money.

How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams Online

You can follow some tips on how to improve your chances of avoiding cryptocurrency scams. Apply them each time you want to make crypto transactions or invest your money:

  • Check crypto blacklists. There are blacklists of cryptocurrency traders, brokers, and platforms. Check them before you start trading to avoid dealing with well-known scammers;
  • Keep your data safe. Do not share sensitive information online, especially your crypto wallet key. You should keep this information confidential at all times. In case someone is asking for your cryptocurrency key, they are definitely a scammer;
  • Do not trust quick money and big returns. Only crypto scammers promise quick earnings and huge returns on your investments. It is impossible to earn a lot of money quickly unless you monitor cryptocurrency price fluctuations yourself and sell tokens when the prices suddenly grow;
  • Verify unknown accounts. If you see a profile on social media with crypto giveaways or other tempting offers, make sure to verify such account. Many scammers create fake profiles to steal money from people. Never click on links you receive to your email or phone. Note that official accounts of crypto professionals and influencers should have verification marks;
  • Be careful with dating apps. Dating app scams are very prominent now and seem to be number one scam among other types. Scammers start talking to people and earn their trust before offering to join a crypto scheme or sending them digital tokens. It is better to meet the person you are talking to offline or via a video call first to ensure that they are real.


You can apply these tips to all money transactions on the Internet, not only crypto-related ones. Keep your head cool and assess all crypto offers carefully before sending money or joining an attractive scheme.

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