Are Those $40 Deals for Microsoft Office 2021 Lifetime License are Legit?

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While browsing through the internet, you may have noticed some pitch of low-priced Microsoft Office 2021 license keys that comes to around $40-$50 for a lifetime validation. That’s a bit strange when the official pricing of Microsoft Office 2021 is pretty high. Did you ever wonder why the price of these Office license keys is that low? Are you wondering about the legitimacy of low-priced product license keys? If so, we are here to find out the answers to your questions. Throughout this article, we will discuss the whole picture of low-priced product keys with their pros and cons. 

What are the Microsoft Office 2021 License Keys?

To avail of every feature and tool of Microsoft Office 2021 applications, you must activate the Office Suite with a license key. It will verify whether the software copy is genuine and get access to every advanced feature and tool.  There are three types of Microsoft licenses, Retail, OEM, and Subscription-based. Knowing the license specifications before purchasing an Office 2021 license is important.  

The Office 2021 retail license keys are acquired from local-online stores or the Microsoft license key store. With a Office 2021 key, you can transfer the product activation key to activate the same version of Office 2021 on another device by deactivating the key from the current device. The retail key comes with lifetime validation. 

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer licenses are the keys that come with the newly purchased devices. The device manufacturer puts on your device’s OEM copy of the software. You can avail of that Microsoft official license without purchasing the key. The major drawback of OEM keys is that you can only redeem these keys on a single device. Microsoft provides the OEM key to the device manufacturer through OEMSLP (OEM Source Licensing Program). Some online stores sell the OEM key, but Microsoft only authorizes some. Before purchasing the OEM license from them, you need to be aware. The Msckey is an authorized Microsoft dealer that provides OEM licenses. 

Subscription-based Office 2021 licenses are the license keys that come for a limited time with subscription renewal options. You must specify the license numbers while purchasing the license. Microsoft will permanently move to the subscription-based Office license in the near future. For this reason, the tech giant has already released Microsoft 365 as the potential successor of Office 2021. 

[Note: You must redeem the license keys on specific versions. Otherwise, you won’t be able to activate the software even when you have a genuine license key.]

The Risks of Purchasing Unauthorized Licenses

Unofficial or unauthorized licenses can be a huge threat to your device system as well as your data and information. The unauthorized license can often be involved with software piracy that may contain security risks like malware, virus, spyware, ransomware, worm, and even APT. Sometimes you may become a victim of eavesdropping and software counterfeiting. On top of that, it may result in a degradation of quality. However, you won’t be able to install updates provided by Microsoft and get official support with software that is activated with an unauthorized license key. So, using the genuine or authorized license key to activate the software is always recommended for your safety and support. 

Let’s Evaluate the Legitimacy of Cheap Microsoft Office 2021 Lifetime License Deals

You may have noticed that some Office 2021 license keys come at a fraction of the actual price. The seller of these cheap Office license keys claims to provide a lifetime validation with the purchase. Most of them come fraudulently or illegally. The malicious attackers and hackers plant some of them to facilitate themselves.

The low-priced Office license key can be acquired in many ways, most of which are illegal. The ex-employees of Microsoft are a source of these product keys. MSDN or Microsoft Developer Network is another way to get Microsoft license keys at a wholesale price. Microsoft provides a huge number of

license keys to the subscriber of MSDN with a condition to not share them with others, and you know the rest. 

Though the seller claims that the low-priced license key comes with a lifetime validation, in most cases, it doesn’t last for a year. In fact, you may lose your activation right after activating the software with an unauthorized license. The keys claimed through MSDN are a little different; they last till the MSDN subscription ends. 

Why the Lifetime Office License Keys Come at A Low Price? 

Some facts make the lifetime Office license keys come at a low price. One of them is that they come fraudulently and illegally and sometimes from the black market. To provide you with the license keys at a rate of $40, the seller must claim the license key for less than that price, and this is where comes the black market or fraudulent methods. 

Another source of these low-cost license keys is MSDN, a subscription-based network combining Microsoft developers. Microsoft officially provides a bunch of product keys to MSDN subscribers with some terms and conditions. But some subscribers leak these product keys regardless of these terms and conditions at a low cost. 

Of course, these sources can provide you with the Office license key at a low price; but some purchases can come with a high potential risk. Some cheap license key providers can save your payment information and use them to facilitate themselves. Moreover, these keys can compromise your device system to malicious actors and others. 

There are some limitations applicable to the low-priced license keys. One of them is getting official support from Microsoft. With a low-priced product license key, you won’t be able to get Microsoft Official support. In some cases, the software cannot be upgraded with the recent updates. On a wide view, you’ll notice a difference in quality while using the software. 

What Could be the Alternatives to Lifetime License for Microsoft Office? 

There are many alternatives to Office lifetime license keys. The subscription-based licensing (Office 365, Microsoft 365) could be a great alternative to low-priced license keys. You can avail of them with a low-cost periodic subscription fee. The main backdrop of subscription-based options is that it doesn’t come with lifetime validation. 

Another alternative to Office lifetime licenses could be Google Workspaces and LibreOffice, which comes free with some limited tools and features. This can help you to get your job done, but not on the advanced level of task-completing. For example, Google Workspaces doesn’t have a wide range of tools and features like Microsoft Office 2021. 

Can I Still Purchase the Low-Priced Microsoft Office 2021 Lifetime License Keys? 

The answer is ‘Yes’; you can still purchase the low-cost Office license keys with lifetime validation. But you need to be aware while purchasing them from a license key store. Otherwise, you can get scammed or end up facing the potential risks. There are some trustworthy sources to get your low-cost Office 2021 lifetime licenses, and from these sources, you can grab the license key without worrying much. The trustworthy sources are given below; 

  1. Amazon is one of the most influential multi-industry marketplaces. This large marketplace provides authentic Microsoft Office 2021 licenses here. You can find an array of preferences as per your work productivity demand.

    2. eBay, a popular platform for offering Microsoft Office 2021 licenses at reasonable prices. You can select your required ones from the various options here.

    3. Msckey is a Microsoft-Verified retailer and one of the most prominent sites for Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus Lifetime License key. Since 2016, they are well-known for their effective customer service and discounted prices for software license codes such as Windows 11 Pro license key, Windows 10 Pro, Server 2022, and so on. You can buy authorized and authentic cheap license keys from here, ensuring genuine licensing agreements.
    Mscdkeys is a reliable retailer providing affordable solutions for your office software requirements. You can purchase cost-effective and original Microsoft Office 2021 licenses from here without any hesitation.


We have touched the finishing lines of this discussion. Always remember to be aware while purchasing a low-cost product activation or license keys from an online store. It is recommended to purchase the key from an authentic and trustworthy source. We are all up for today, have a great day.

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