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Are There Communication Platforms That Offer Both Entertainment and Security?

Values Of Livebeam

Having so many communication platforms to pick from has been a curse and a blessing. On one hand, we have 62% of the world’s population accessible with the click of a few buttons. On the other hand, there are many sectors and platforms all having their various niches, features, and audiences.

The pressure of picking a platform to stick with is apparent, and people find themselves having to sign up for so many platforms just to end up using one or two after a while. Not to mention those who grow their accounts and end up losing them to hackers.

In this intentional search, it is important to prioritise the most useful traits. From experience, there are 3 things that a social media platform should consider:

  • Communication 
  • Entertainment 
  • Security 

When each of these traits are weighed in unison, only a few platforms will withstand the purge. One such platform is Livebeam, a modern-day platform that prioritises values and entertaining chats.

The Livebeam Platform

In the general structure, Livebeam is an online space to connect and chat with early stage creators. Their priority lies in connecting people from all over the world to have genuine conversations and build friendships that could last a lifetime. However, there’s more to the site.

Livebeam is a value-filled platform. It upholds values that give individuals the support and love they need online. Traits like acceptance, inclusion, diversity, and support are inherent in the core of this online space. Through these values, they boast of a very pure form of an online community where people look out for each other and listen to what is being said.

The structure of Livebeam works to promote 3 core things: quality communication, entertainment, and security. At the nick of this article, you will realise the importance of these 3 factors and how Livebeam achieves its upstanding status.

  • Quality Communication 

Obviously, this is the primary function of Livebeam. The platform is an international one, so you have people from different countries and cultures. You can easily find people from different countries to chat with just to have a feel of what they are all about.

Chatting on Livebeam is intended to improve your confidence and mood. The platform is driven by a strong community structure where everyone looks out for one another. Most times people are looking for people who will listen to them spill out all they need to say, and Livebeam is built for such vulnerability and openness.

In addition to connecting people, Livebeam also has features such as:

  • Chat suggestions 
  • Private mail sharing
  • Profile descriptions

Without a doubt, Livebeam takes its initial job seriously. It’s the main reason the platform was built for, but along the line, they found they could do more and that brought about the entertainment side of things.

  • Entertainment 

More people are of the opinion that communication platforms should be fun and entertaining. Although this can come in the form of fun and engaging chats, which Livebeam aspires to provide in various ways, it can also be advanced with intentional steps from the platform.

In the present day, we have communication platforms having status updates and stories. These are among the intentional steps from these platforms to add a little spark to their functions. It doesn’t have to be something huge, all it takes is something different from the chatting feature that can also be engaging.

The first shot at this from Livebeam is the detailed profile page of its users. Every user’s profile page is such a fun place to visit. You get to see a variety of interesting information such as:

  • Multiple pictures
  • Identifying information
  • The kind of people they are interested in
  • Their hobbies and interests 

Another fun aspect of Livebeam is that it contains a lot of real-life content makers which are open to genuine conversations. Their engagements lighten up the spirit of users and creates an avenue for new experiences on the part of the users. 

  • Security

Security is one aspect that isn’t maximally considered by many communication platforms. Although most of them have rules and laws guiding some things, they never seem to follow through with most of them. Livebeam doesn’t take the security and satisfaction of its users lightly. A strong area where Livebeam works to ensure security is in their online support. The Livebeam support is available to all users to report any issues or threats to their comfort on the platform. Once the complaint has been laid, the support works to resolve the issues as fast as possible. The support works with a mailing system so you can always access it. 

In Conclusion

The communication platforms available online are limitless but picking the right one could be the difference between you having genuine conversations and having a lacklustre one. This article clearly breaks down why Livebeam could be a pick of the bunch.

The communication platform prioritises communication, entertainment,  and security at significant levels. These are all necessities for every online user and seeing it all in one place is an opportunity to be used. You can sign up on Livebeam today to have a feel of the platform that possesses values amidst the widespread options available online.

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