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Are the Milk and Butter Tokens the solution to ending world hunger?

As a new form of charitable giving, cryptocurrency, just might be the solution to ending world hunger. 

The Butter Token, a companion of the Milk Token, has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in need with their generous charity wallet. A record was set on May 14, 2021 with $354,000 donated to Mr Beast Philanthropy and Food for Life Global. This new token on the Binance Smart Chain was only launched on the 4th of April, 2021, but has already raised over $475,000 for charity despite its small market cap.

One of the charities that has been accepting Crypto donations is Food for Life Global, the world’s largest plant-based food relief. The non-profit has already officially partnered with Milk and Butter LLC. Food for Life Global’s mission is to create peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of plant-based meals. To date, Food for Life Global has served over 7 billion free meals.

Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, which means you won’t have to pay capital gains tax and can deduct the gain from your taxes. As a result, contributing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to Food for Life Global is one of the most tax-efficient ways to contribute. 

How is this possible through Milk and Butter Tokens?

The Milk and Butter tokens are companion tokens on the Binance Smart Chain with a specific focus on charitable giving. The Milk Token is a Burn/ Redistribution/ Auto-liquidity Token with around 39 thousand Milk holders. There are more than three trillion burned Milk Tokens, and Milk holders can stake their Milk to “churn” Butter tokens with 2% staking rewards. So you are not only investing in your wallet, but you are also earning on the tokens staked and earning more Butter tokens.

Milk holders also receive 2% out of all the transactions using Milk, therefore, every time there is a transaction, Milk holders get 2% of that transaction which gets redistributed among everyone holding Milk. By staking the Milk Tokens, holders are also rewarded free Butter Tokens which is a Charity/ Burn/ Staking Rewards Token. There are around 6 thousand Butter holders and 884 million burned Butter Tokens. 5% of all Butter token transactions, whether selling or buying, go into a charity wallet (the highest percentage of any charity token) which is then donated to a charity voted on by the holders.

The Milk and Butter tokens have been able to process a huge amount of funding for charities at a very low market cap. This charity Token has already donated over $450,000 to food charities and yet the Butter Token market cap is only around $1.6 million (as of writing) which is extraordinary. A recent donation of $365,000 came from the Butter Token at a 6 million market cap for Milk tokens, if Butter had the same market cap as Milk, the donations could exceed one million dollars every two weeks!

Food for Life Global and Crypto Donations

The Butter Token has been one of the many valuable partners to Food for Life Global. Investors in the Butter Token vote every two weeks to determine who receives the funds, and so far their donations have helped Food for Life Global feed 420,080 children delicious plant-based meals! Moreover, each donation is OM Guarantee certified so that donors can see their impact in real-time on the Food for Life Global website 

Food for Life Global remains the world’s most cost-effective food relief organization, and their partnership with the Milk and Butter Tokens is yet another step toward ensuring the sustainability of vegan food relief operations.

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