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Are Raw Denim Jeans Worth It?

If you’re thinking of buying a pair of raw denim jeans, it’s important to know a few tips and tricks before you start wearing them. These tips can help you break in your new pair and avoid damaging them. You should also know how much raw denim costs.

Breaking in raw denim

When buying raw denim jeans for men or popularly known as men’s vintage jeans pants, it is important to know that they do not have any stretch. However, they will eventually conform to your body as they break in. The general rule is to purchase the largest size that fits you best, and then break them in slowly. You can expect raw denim to expand up to one and a half inches over the next three months. It will also grow in size more when washed.

Buying raw denim jeans is a little more difficult than you might think. They are more expensive, and they require a lot of patience. But the rewards are worth the effort. Breaking in raw jeans isn’t like bondage, and it’s not as rosy as it sounds. It is a little more like an addiction than it is a fashion statement.

While breaking in raw denim jeans takes a few months, the experience is well worth it. Raw denim is a lot stiffer than normal denim, but it will stretch out and soften with wear. In addition, the denim will take on your body’s movement pattern.

Benefits of wearing raw denim

Wearing raw denim jeans offers several benefits, including a more unique look and feel. The jeans will mold to your shape, develop a unique wash, and fade over time. Your personal wash also tells a story about you. You can even wear the same pair for months or even years, as raw jeans will last longer.

Another benefit of raw denim is stain protection. Although all jeans can get stains, raw denim is stain-resistant. This is due to the way the dye absorbs colors from the liquids that touch it. When colored liquids spill onto your jeans, they will stain the material. 

The perfect fit is another benefit of wearing raw denim jeans. If you choose the right size, they will fit perfectly. Buying jeans in standard sizes can lead to a pair that is too small or too big for your body. This can leave you with a pair of jeans that you won’t use very often. Buying a pair of raw denim jeans that are custom-sized is a good way to avoid all this.


Raw denim jeans aren’t cheap. You can expect to spend around $300-400 per pair. That’s pretty good, considering that the quality of these jeans is often superior to mass-market denim. Moreover, raw jeans are usually handcrafted by skilled hands. As a result, these jeans are designed to withstand a beating.

Raw denim is also uncomfortable and should be worn carefully. Unlike Sanforized denim, raw denim tends to stretch in the thighs, seat, and waist. They also tend to shrink after washing. In addition, raw denim can cause blowouts. It’s a good idea to order your raw jeans one size larger than your usual pair.

Although you can find cheap raw jeans, they aren’t always the most comfortable. You may experience stiffness in the first couple of days after wearing them, but it will soften with time. If you’re not sure how to get a perfect fit, try asking yourself three questions. The answers to these questions will help you find the perfect pair of jeans.

Buying a pair

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of raw denim jeans, you should know a few things before you buy them. The first thing you need to know is your size. The majority of jeans are sold in standard sizes, so you should know your size to ensure that the jeans fit you properly. Another thing to consider is the amount of stretch that raw denim can give you. The less stretch it has, the more comfortable they will be.

You should also know that raw denim has a tendency to bleed dye, which means that it will get all over your hands, sheets, and furniture. To avoid this problem, you should avoid wearing raw denim for long periods of time. Also, keep them away from light surfaces such as white sneakers and high boots. Finally, make sure to store them separately from your other clothes.

The best solution for buying raw denim jeans is to go to a store that sells a wide variety of brands and has a knowledgeable staff. This way, you can try a few pairs and get some advice from the staff about which ones will suit you the best.


If you love denim jeans, you may want to try raw denim jeans. But before you do, make sure you know what to look for in the jeans. These jeans are different from traditional jeans, so they can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s important to keep in mind that raw denim stretches, so you should buy a pair that fits well in the first place.

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